How much does it cost to replace a doorbell?

An inoperative doorbell can lead to missed guests and deliveries. People might stand there ringing your doorbell and leave after a few minutes. On the other hand, you might be waiting there, thinking about why they didn’t show up.

If you have a faulty doorbell, make it a priority to get a new one. 

The first step would be to analyze the doorbell and identify the damage. It is necessary to know where the actual harm is caused.

This will help you in determining whether you need to change the bell, chime, or internal wiring. The cost of getting a fully new doorbell system will be much more than replacing a small part of the old system.

A doorbell ringing on its own or not ringing at all is a problem that needs to be addressed! This blog helps you identify the cost of replacing a doorbell. 

When Do You Need a Doorbell Replacement?

When Do You Need a Doorbell Replacement?

The four main components of a doorbell are the button, chime box, transformer, and wiring. An error in any of these parts can lead to a defective doorbell. Depending upon the different types of doorbells, the cost differs.

The three main types of doorbell systems include a wired bell, a wireless system, and a smart doorbell. The cost of every doorbell is different and depends upon the accessories that come along.  

What is the Cost of Replacing a Doorbell?

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The cost of replacing a doorbell can range anywhere between $150 to $700, including the labor and materials. The unit cost ranges from $10 to$500, and labor cost ranges from $100 to $250.

These are general cost ranges in which your expense will fall when you decide to replace a doorbell. 

When you call an electrician, they will check the existing arrangement of wires. If it fits with the new doorbell system, no further work will be needed.

However, if the new system needs a new arrangement, there will be some major changes in the wiring and transformer. Such additional efforts can lead to a higher cost of labor. Let us go ahead and understand how each doorbell system works and what are the costs associated with it. 

Cost to Install a Wired Doorbell

Installing this kind of doorbell requires the highest amount of labor and supplies. The wire work needs to be done safely and properly to ensure the proper functioning of the doorbell.

The unit with a wired doorbell will not be costly. However, the labor cost will be higher due to the extra wiring work needed. 

If you already have a wired doorbell and just need to replace the switch or the chime, it will be much easier. Such replacement will not only take less time but also cost less.

This kind of doorbell requires an electrician. Doing it on your own can lead to confusion and sometimes harm the system. The installation cost for a wired doorbell ranges anywhere from $150-375, depending on the parts that are to be replaced. 

Cost to Install a Wireless Doorbell

The wireless system runs on batteries and does not need any wiring work. These are easier to install and have fewer labor costs. Wireless doorbells can also be installed on your own by reading the manual. However, if you choose to take the help of a professional, it can cost you anywhere between $150-275. 

Read the instructions on your system before opting for a DIY. Many companies cancel the warranties on their product if they are not installed by an electrician. So, if you want to avail yourself of any benefit from the warranties in the future, it’s better to get help from a certified electrician. 

Cost to Install a Smart System

Smart doorbell system comes with audio and video monitoring that is accessible from your devices. You can view the history and live movement near your home with this system.

The installation cost for a smart doorbell system costs anywhere between$150-650. Due to the enhanced complexity of the system, it needs more time and expertise for installation. 

These devices also have motion detectors that give you an alert when someone is near the door. Even when you are not at home, you can stay updated about who is standing at the front door. This ultra-modern technology is perfect for families with kids and aged individuals. 

Can I Replace the Doorbell on My Own? 


Replacing your doorbell is a good idea if you are simply changing the switch or the chime. However, if the whole system needs replacement, it’s better to get help from an electrician.

Not having an understanding of the wiring or the installation process can harm the electrical settings of the whole house. Moreover, some systems will void the warranty claim if a certified electrician isn’t involved. 

Get Your Doorbell Replaced Soon!

The cost of replacing your doorbell depends upon many factors. The above points will help you in deciding whether to continue with your doorbell system or bring in a new one.

Whatever you choose to do, get an estimate of the cost for the above parameters. If you still have any confusion, get in touch with an electrician and ask them beforehand. 

Knowing your expenses before getting the work done makes it easier for you to plan your monthly budget.

Get your doorbell replaced and let your visitors know you care about them.