A recent alarming statistic that a third of burglars simply walked through the front may cause you distress. However, your home is three times less likely to get robbed if you have a visible home security system. And even if you are not alarmed by this statistical data, you should strive to make your home secure as you live in it. And here is how.


Invest in a home security system

As mentioned above, burglars target homes where there isn’t a security system. In fact, homes without one are three times more likely to get targeted. The devastating stats show also that only 17% of Americans use a home security camera system. It is time for you to get one and secure your home from uninvited guests.

Inspect your doors carefully

Go around your house and check every door you have. The stats show that about a third of burglars, 34% to be exact, simply walk through the front door. So check the knobs, hinges, and locks. They have to be firm. If your hinges are loose, tighten them.

Also, check if your doors lock properly. They should stay firm in place when you try to push or pull. Should the door fail to do so, change the locks. Your home security is important.

This includes garage doors too

Garage doors are becoming increasingly more popular with criminals. So do your part to prevent them from entering your house through there. It is important to note that even if your home cannot be accessed through the garage, the burglars can still find plenty of valuables there. It is, therefore, important to secure the garage doors too.

Change the locks when you move in

Wherever you live, if someone used to occupy the house you now call your home, change the locks once you move in. You don’t want strangers suddenly stopping by. Better safe than sorry.

Use proper lighting around your house

Even though two-thirds of burglaries happen during the day, it is still important to use proper lighting. This is to deter the one-third of burglars that would come to your home at night. It is easier to spot them if your porch and front lawn are lit. Bright-colored houses will also reflect some of that light, so choose the paint color wisely.

Set up a timer for the lights to turn on

When you leave your house, set up the timers to turn on the lights. If the lights get turned on and off periodically, the burglars will think someone is home. It would also be great if you can remotely turn the TV or radio on and off, just so as to cement the impression that you are there.


Secure your WiFi

Wireless networks also pose a security risk, especially if left unlocked. This may not be something you have thought about, but it can put your home at great risk. To make your home secure, simply lock your WiFi with a password. It is also highly advisable to change the passcode from time to time.

Learn how to keep your smart devices secure so that hackers can’t use one to gain access to the rest of your network.

Lock your windows

Windows are also a common entry point for intruders. You may leave them shut, but that doesn’t mean your home is safe. Even if they come with a built-in lock, you should take a closer look at it. They often don’t function properly or can easily be broken.

Secure your windows with high-quality locks and make sure to shut and lock them every time you leave the house. Use them even on the small bathroom windows. The burglars have been known to crawl through those too.

Keep your lawn mowed

A well-kept lawn can make burglars bypass your house, research has shown. It is not always the case, but mostly they will stay away because a mowed lawn is a sign that the house is occupied. And burglars prefer to work in solitude.

Don’t post on social media when you go on vacation

Most people post a pic or two on social media when they go away. Don’t do this! Statistics show that 65% of burglars are well acquainted with the people they rob. Meaning they probably follow you on social media. Instead of posting from your vacation, wait until you are back home and post the pics then.

Use smart tech

Smart security solutions pair the tech with your mobile phone usually. This means you get notified and you can remotely control it. One example is the smart lock system. You can remotely lock and unlock your door with your mobile phone. Solutions like these are the future of home security.

Investing in the safety of your loved ones and making your home secure from uninvited guests should be a number one priority for anybody. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Simple solutions, like fixing doors and windows, and mowing the lawn are a great start. But it is also advisable to invest in more modern solutions, such as a home camera.