Another word for “Home” is “Safe Place,” i.e., a place where we feel guarded and sheltered, and we know that one does everything to make sure of that. But answering a doorbell, especially when you are home alone, can always turn into a menace because you never know what is on the other side? Also, who is keeping an eye on your house when it is vacant or when your kids are home alone?

Ring Doorbell is the answer to all such questions. It is another upshot of advancing technology that gives you access to what is behind the door, literally. You will know who is at your entrance even when you’re away from your place.

The Ring Video Doorbell is one of the first Smart Doorbell to set its foot in the market. The doorbell has internet access through which it connects to an application on your smartphone and offers live video footage of the porch.

The device makes use of its Infrared Camera for video recording, which turns on when a visitor thumbs the doorbell button or if the device senses any movement in the field of vision through its in-built Motion Sensors.

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Not only this, but you can talk to any person outside the door, as the doorbell has a microphone and speakers. And if the person is reliable, then you can also let them in by using the smart lock technology that comes in handy.

A ring doorbell is a very affordable and easy to use alternative for a security guard with lesser chances of misapprehensions. The device is also straightforward to set up and operate.

Today smart doorbells have become one of the overriding features of a smart home as it is a minimal investment for a life-saving tech. The device has multiple functions and features. Today we will talk about the indication of the flashing red light on your smart doorbell.

Features of Ring Doorbell

  • HD Camera Image quality: The high-quality camera allows you to identify your guest quickly and give them a warm welcome, even from a reasonable distance. Do not worry if it is dark outside; the night vision got you covered.
  • Ring App: The company provides you with a free app that notifies you whenever there is someone at your door. Also, if someone is trespassing your property, you will know.
  • Impact Sensors: An excellent old knock-knock is enough to wake up the doorbell as the peephole cam comes with impact sensors that sense the tap on the door.
  • Two-way audio: You’re always home with this feature that allows you to talk to the visitors through the doorbell using the microphone. It also comes with the noise-cancellation feature. They are right in what they say, “With Ring, You’re Always Home.”
  • Customizable Privacy Settings: Ensure that your neighbour’s door can remain private by setting the privacy zone son the Ring App.
  • Motion Detectors: The motion sensors will catch anyone meandering on your property without your knowledge. The doorbell has a wide field of view, i.e., 155 degrees’ horizontal and 90 degrees vertical.

Why is My Ring Doorbell Flashing Red?

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Just like any other electronic device, the ring doorbells also operate on a chargeable or replaceable battery. The flashing red colour of the ring on the doorbell indicates that the battery is running low.

You need to plug in the charger provided with the product and wait for the light to turn shiny green. Once the doorbell is fully charged, it will run for months with regular use. Here is a step by step guide to charging the smart doorbell.

Step by step guide to charging the ring video doorbell:

  • Lift the faceplate of the doorbell by loosening the screw at the base of the device.
  • Now you must retrieve the battery from the device. Pressing the release button will detach the battery from the slot.
  • Connect a micro-USB charger to the battery through its charging port.
  • You will know that the doorbell is wholly charged when the light starts flashing green. Now place this battery back inside the device.
  • After a few seconds, return the faceplate to its original position on the doorbell and secure it with the screw. 
  • Your ring doorbell is ready to Ring!

Note that the red circular ring is the battery indicator and not the three red dots on the device.

3 Red Dots on Ring Doorbell

There is no reason to panic. The three red dots appear on the doorbell when the device is in the Night Vision mode. When these red lights are on, it means the doorbell is using the Infrared waves, and the camera starts rolling to record in low lighting after it senses any activity in the surroundings.


Q. Does the doorbell require a power connection through wires?

No, the operation of the device is completely wireless and is battery-based. Once charged fully, the doorbell works for months without power issues. The ring on the device turns red if the battery runs low. A micro- USD charger is provided with the product to charge the device again.

Q. What do the different patterns of blue light on the ring doorbell indicate?

Three basic patterns of blue light flash on the ring in front of the device. These are known as spinning, flashing, and filling (circle).

  • Spinning – The blue light starts to turn round and round whenever someone presses the doorbell button outside the door. A notification pops up on the smartphone screen that you have got a guest waiting for you.
  • Flashing – When the doorbell’s blue light flashes, it means that the device’s camera is switching on.
  • Circle/Filling – The blue circle shows that the doorbell is connecting to a network and is coming online. A working internet connection is necessary for the device to link to its software app.

Q. How to Reset the Ring Doorbell?

A simple device can resolve several issues of the reset operation. One can reset the ring doorbell in only three simple steps:

  • There is a setup button on the device. Press and hold this button for 20 seconds and then leave.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds and let the ring doorbell reset thoroughly.
  • After this, set up your device again following the instructions.

Q. How will I know if the battery of the Ring doorbell runs low?

If you have the free Ring app installed and your ring video doorbell is connected to the internet, then you will be notified that the battery is low on your smartphone. Also, there is an indicator on the device that will turn red when your device’s battery gets down.

Q. My ring doorbell shows different patterns of white light. What do they indicate?

Following are the different patterns of white light you can see on your ring doorbell, and next to it is the process undergoing inside the device.

Flashing white constantly – The software of the device is being updated.

Just the top part flashing white – The machine set up is unsuccessful, or there is a password error.

Only the left part flashing white – Device set up failed due to some other reason.

Just the right part flashing white – The ring doorbell is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

White light flashing four times in a row – The peephole camera is set up and is active.

LED shooting white right to left – The device is trying to connect to an active network or is waiting for the input of credentials.

First blue and then spinning white light – Factory reset.

Q. What if I miss the notification alert for a visitor, and I want to know who was at my door? Does the device have a video recording feature?

Yes, the device does have a recording feature that will let you know who was at your door if you missed the mobile alerts. But to record the footage, you need to pay an extra subscription fee. The company offers Video Recording Plans on its app that stores the recorded video on their databases for up to 60 days. This way, the video recording is available whenever you need it. These plans are optional and require monthly subscription fees.


There are multiple light indicators on the Ring Video Doorbell to alert you and update you on device status. The ring on the device flashes different patterns with different colours like blue, white, red, and green.

The red colour is for a low battery, and you need to charge the device immediately. Not to confuse with the three red dots that indicate the IR night vision camera operation. There are multiple models or designs available according to your needs and budget. It is a one-time investment with long term benefits and convenience.

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