BigBasket Logo

BigBasket is one of the most famous and best online grocery and food products shopping platforms. It can be accessed through the website and mobile application, and the orders can be placed very much like how other e-commerce websites work.

With the convenience that the platform provides, having the grocery for the entire month having been delivered right at our doorsteps, Big Basket is surely a very resourceful platform.

From rice to meat, potatoes, and other vegetables to wheat, everything is available on BigBasket, and even more (such as packed food, chocolates, and candies as well). Several BigBasket referral codes provide great discounts and free Big Basket money as well.

Since the platform is an e-commerce one, it also provides delivery slots for a particular order.

What Is a Delivery Slot?

A delivery Slot is a time that is assigned for an order to arrive. The order arrives during the selected delivery slot. Slot timings can span from one hour to five hours depending upon certain conditions and may vary depending upon the location.

There are multiple slots available on the website to pick from as per the customers’ convenience. One may choose the slot of 7 pm to 8 pm and get their order delivered in the evening when they are back at home from work.

One can choose a slot of 4 pm to 5 pm and get their order delivered earlier, and start making their dinner as soon as possible.

Cut-Off Time

It is the time after which the order placed cannot be canceled or even modified. The order will be delivered and can only be returned at the time of delivery. The amount of the returned item, in that case, will be returned to the account.

After the cut-off time, there cannot be any modification. This means that no more products can be added to the order as well. People usually get a change of heart right after they order something. However, due to the inconvenience suffered by the seller and the company, the facility can cancel or modify it until the cut-off time.

Therefore, the cut-off time itself helps the customer change their mind as much as they want for a limited period.

Slot Availability

The availability of a slot can be checked online at the website’s right hand under the option labeled as “My Basket.” Once you click on it, the next available slots should be visible.  

You can check the available slots and decide accordingly which one suits the best for you individually. 

Slot Change

Delivery Slots cannot be changed. Once an order has been placed under a specific delivery slot, it cannot be modified. Only in case of emergency or an urgent necessity, with a valid reason, can the slot be shifted by contacting the customer care of the company. However, it may be done only as per the availability and depending upon the situation.

A Slot Is Reserved For 5 Minutes

A slot is reserved for 5 minutes after the order has been placed and the process of checking out has been initiated. The checkout process can be done in less than 5 minutes; however, if someone delays or forgets to do so after putting the products in the basket and selecting the slot, the slot returns to the website after 5 minutes.

The other customers can then save that slot for themselves and use it. Therefore, be sure not to take too much time after taking the slot, or you may end up losing it.

Offers on BigBasket

There are several coupons available at that can be used during the checkout of the order. The offers can give discounts, such as 30% or 50% off, and even cash backs and future discounts on another order. While checking out, make sure to look at the coupons on the right-hand side of the website on the checkout page.