Staying Warm This Winter - How to Deal Without the Heating

As the temperatures drop and the cost of living and energy bills look set to rise yet again. Many of us are looking for ways to stay warm without putting on the heating.

As we have become accustomed to having the heating switch at our fingertips, we have understandably forgotten many ways people kept warm before houses had heating. So, we have devised a list of tips to help you to keep out the cold this winter.

Line your curtains

Curtains are often considered material to cover the windows and stop people from looking in. However, adding a thick lining to your curtains makes them the perfect draft excluders, preventing the cold from moving through the glass straight into the room. You can buy ready-made linings. Or use material you already have to create an extra layer and keep you cosy and free from drafts.

It is a good idea to open the curtains in the mornings to let any warm sunshine into the room; just remember to close them when it gets dusky or dark, as this will keep the warmth from the day in and the cold out.

Your bed and bedding for winter

One of winter’s treats must be relaxing in a warm, comfortable, cosy bed when the frost is biting outside. Snuggling into luxurious warmth and gently drifting off to sleep. However, if your mattress has seen better days, this can sometimes be easier said than done, and you can be left tossing and turning instead. If this is the case, it may be time to upgrade to a hybrid bamboo mattress, which will support your body and ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.

If staying warm is more challenging than comfort, add extra throws or blankets onto your bed instead of turning on the heating. Or invest in a duvet with a higher tog, which will help you retain more of the heat your body generates and, therefore, help you to stay warm and toasty.

Hot water bottles.

A hot water bottle is the perfect companion for cold toes and should not be saved just for bedtime. Hot water bottles are perfect for snuggling up on the sofa, watching television or reading a book.

Draft excluders

It is surprising how much cold air can rush into a room through the small gap under the door. A draft excluder is a quick and easy solution that will help minimise the draft and keep your room warm and cosy. Draft excluders can be bought or made from any excess material you have if you are handy with a needle and thread.


Often floors can be cold, especially if you have concrete or tiled floors. Using thick rugs will help to give an extra layer of insulation, keeping out the cold. Rugs can even be used on carpeted floors which can still be draughty, especially in older houses.

Throws and blankets

You don’t need to save the throws and blankets just for when you go to bed, as they make a great extra addition to the sofa enabling you to stay comfortable and cosy when you are relaxing in the evening.


Our feet are often the first part of us to get cold, and once they do, they can be hard to warm up again. You can keep your toes toasty by investing in a warm pair of slippers; this will help protect them from the coldest floors and drafts.

Using a few of the simple tips we have covered here will enable you to stay warm this winter without always needing to put on the heating, increasing those ever-growing energy bills.