How Does Swiggy Delivery Boy Get Paid

Swiggy is one of India’s largest online food ordering companies, which was founded back in 2014. Swiggy offers job opportunities to many people as a delivery boy. 

If you are a student and willing to do a part-time job, then Swiggy’s delivery boy is the best Option, and it will also fetch you enough money. 

In this guide, we will discuss How does Swiggy Delivery Boy get Paid along with their salary structure and income amount. So, if you are willing to join Swiggy as a delivery boy, then this guide must be helpful for you.

How to Join as A Swiggy Delivery Boy?

Basic Requirements:

  1. A Bike
  2. A Valid Driving License and RC
  3. PAN Card, Aadhar Card, or any other valid government identification card
  4. A Smartphone for installing the Swiggy Application to receive orders from customers. 

Note: There is no age limit to join Swiggy as a delivery boy, but you must be at least 18+ to get a driving license. 

Now, talking about the timings of this job, Swiggy offers both part-time and full-time, and there is also an option to choose multiple timings. You can select your desired time to work. The timings are divides into three categories:

How to Join as A Swiggy Delivery Boy

1. Full-Time


2. Part-Time

. Part-Time

3.  Temporary Partner

In the Option, you must work on three days of a week, such as on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, for five hours daily. You have given a break time of 30 Minutes. 

You can even work more than that of given timings, and it completely depends upon you. The timings shows are mostly appropriate but may change from city to city.

Swiggy Salary Structure

Swiggy does not offer a salary-based payment system. The amount of salary is directly proportional to the number of deliveries you made in a month. The more deliveries you do, the more money you will earn. 

The amount you get paid by Swiggy mainly depends on three things:

1. Travel Pay

The Travel Pay is divided into two parts – the first Mile and the Last Mile. The First Mile is the travel distance between your location to the restaurant location, and the Last Mile is the travel distance between the restaurant to the customer.

The Travel Pay is based on distance, the longer the distance, the higher the amount.

2. Waiting Time Pay

The Waiting Time pay is the time which you will spend at the restaurant for the food to get cooked. Swiggy will pay you for that waiting time. It will gradually increase, the higher the waiting time, the more amount you will get.

3. Customer Pay

After delivering food to customers, Swiggy will pay you extra Rs 5. During Unpleasant weathers or Rainy days, Swiggy will give you Rs 20 extra for each delivery. 

Swiggy will also give their employees weekly and monthly incentives in the form of a gift from Swiggy. Most of the time, incentives are in the form of Swiggy referral codes which are useful in getting maximum discount while ordering from Swiggy.

How Much Can You Earn from Swiggy As A Delivery Boy?

Talking about Full Time Delivery Boy, considering an average of 14 orders per day. They will get approximately 25000-26000 per month. It can also be increased if the delivery boy is able to increase the number of daily deliveries. 

As a Part-Time Delivery boy, they will earn a maximum of 12,000 per month by doing 5-7 deliveries per day.

Final Words

Swiggy is a very good platform for students as well as other people to earn some money in their spare time. The salary you get is totally dependent upon your number of deliveries. 

This is all about this guide. I hope that you find this guide useful, and if you do, then do not forget to share it once. 

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