Is BigBasket selling to Reliance?

Have you seen some operational changes in BigBasket and are wondering what is happening to this eCommerce giant? BigBasket is one of the best grocery delivery startups in India, offering a huge selection of products from over a thousand brands, delighting more than six million satisfied customers. It keeps on implementing new strategies to entice customers to shop from its app. But it is facing serious competition from rivals like Reliance Industries and Amazon.

To stay ahead in the digital marketplace, it has joined hands with the Tata Group. The Tata group has purchased a majority stake in BigBasket to help it compete with established eCommerce giants. BigBasket owner and founding team will now work together with the major shareholders of Tata Group to strengthen the foothold of the company in the market. But recently, news got circulated wherein it was told that BigBasket is selling to Reliance.

Let’s find out the truth behind this news!

Has Reliance Group Purchased BigBasket?

Let’s try to find out what is the truth behind the news that BigBasket is selling to Reliance.

Connection Between BigBasket and Reliance

Connection Between BigBasket and Reliance

Reliance Industries launched their online grocery ordering website called JioMart in the year 2019. JioMart was meant to compete with other grocery websites, such as BigBasket, which has been a reputed company for the last few years.

BigBasket and JioMart give each other head-to-head competition and keep on implementing new strategies to stay ahead and win the market share.

But under the management of Tata, BigBasket has created a very strong foothold in the market. BigBasket has even extended its reach in the offline retail market by launching Fresho stores. In the last two years, it has introduced three new segments, BB Daily, BB Beauty, and BB Instant, to increase its client base and expand its reach.

Though JioMart is acquiring a strong market standing, BigBasket seems to be ahead in the race with its ever-increasing consumer base. So, while Reliance has not purchased BigBasket, it gives tough competition to the company with its online grocery ordering website called JioMart. 

Comparison Between BigBasket and JioMart

Comparison Between BigBasket and JioMart

BigBasket and JioMart are leading grocery ordering websites in India. BigBasket has the expertise and experience of almost a decade, while JioMart is gaining users rapidly as it is new in the market. But the pricing of JioMart is an added advantage.

JioMart offers a 5% minimum discount on all its products on MRP, which is similar to DMart’s model, which helped it become an overnight success story. Let’s take a look at a few other key differences between Tata-led BigBasket and Reliance-led JioMart.

  • Membership: BigBasket offers a bbStar membership for Rs 299 for six months. If you enroll for the membership, you get up to a hundred rupees cashback for up to three months on every order. JioMart doesn’t offer any such membership program, so you won’t be able to get any additional cashback by shopping on their website.
  • Mobile App: BigBasket has a user-friendly interface and an intuitive website that makes shopping easier for customers. JioMart has a great website, but its interface is a bit clumsy, making it inconvenient to shop at times.
  • Free Delivery: On BigBasket, you have to shop for a minimum amount to get free delivery. While shopping on JioMart, you don’t need to have a minimum value of products in your cart to avail of free delivery.
  • Delivery: JioMart offers an express delivery option wherein you can get the products you have ordered in a short time frame. BigBasket offers three types of delivery systems. You can go for slotted delivery if you want products to reach your doorstep at a specific time and for express delivery if you want the products to be delivered within ninety minutes. BigBasket also has BB specialty stores, and the customers can get the products delivered from the stores within ninety minutes. 
  • Discounts and Offers: On JioMart, only a few banks offer cashback when you shop on the app using their cards. In Bigbasket, many leading banks provide cashback and offers if you shop using their cards.


So, Reliance Group is not taking over BigBasket, but it is giving a tough fight to the eCommerce store with the launch of JioMart. Both these grocery delivery stores have been doing quite well in recent times, but there are no chances of their merger.

You can download both these apps to know which one can cater to your needs better. While shopping for any item, you can also compare their prices on both apps to get a better deal. You can also check out the details mentioned above to know which one among them is better and how they can fulfill your demands.

This way, you can save a huge amount on your daily essentials and homeware items. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it True that Big Basket is Selling to Reliance?

There is no authenticity in the news that BigBasket is selling to Reliance. The Tata Group has purchased a majority stake in BigBasket. Reliance is the direct competitor of BigBasket as it launched JioMart in 2019. Both BigBasket and JioMart offer groceries and daily essentials.

Is Big Basket Better than Jio Mart?

Both BigBasket and JioMart have a strong foothold in the market and are trusted by thousands of customers. But BigBasket has been in the market for a longer time than JioMart, so it has an extended customer base and is trusted by thousands of customers.