Is there an alternative to uTorrent?

Torrent is a leading portal with millions of users downloading content every day. If you are new to the world of P2P downloads, then you might be missing out on all the amazing content that is available for you at no cost.

OTT platforms have made it easier to stream your favorite shows and movies. However, several movies are not available for free streaming. This is where you need a Torrent to download them all. Although it is illegal, the torrenting world is huge and is serving majorly on websites like uTorrent.

uTorrent was launched in 2005 as software to run Torrent and related files easily on all types of devices.

Kickass torrent without registration gained massive popularity in no time as it offered both free and pro versions.

Why Do You Need an Alternative to U Torrent?

If you have ever used Torrent, you would know how smooth it made running your movies with HD quality that surpassed others. You may ask, why do you need an alternative?

Back in 2015, uTorrent found itself loaded with controversies. As many Torrent software and websites were accused of attacking their device with viruses, uTorrent got involved with false crypto mining. Users find themselves on the uTorrent website by default every time they visit Torrent.

Users lost their trust when, due to another default setting, they also ended up installing crypto mining applications unknowingly.

7 Amazing Alternatives to U Torrent

You do not need to lose hope because the Torrenting world has gems like uTorrent, if not better, hidden for you. For a smoother experience, you can explore these alternatives next time you are on Torrent

Amazing Alternatives to U Torrent

1. Transmission

A leading name that pops up first while finding a uTorrent alternative, Transmission is a great option. What makes it unmatchable is that Transmission has successfully beaten the user’s prior concern- privacy. It provides encryption and IP filtering so you do not have to worry about data compromisation.

If you own a Mac or Linux, Transmission is exactly what you need for all kinds of downloads.

Additional benefits

  • Ad-free Downloads
  • Adjustable features
  • Multiple downloads allowed

2. BitTorrent

You are probably a seasonal Torrent user if you have never heard about BitTorrent. A Torrent client featuring an adjustable interface and cutting-edge technology, BitTorrent stays at the top of recommendations. To make your decision easier- Choose BitTorrent to stream content while downloading more on the back.

Additional Benefits

  • Smooth interface for both avid and new users
  • Adjust downloading speed
  • Reduced ads or get an ad-free experience with a small payment

3. Deluge

Are you looking for a uTorrent alternative that features an expandable library and settings? Deluge is where you should head to. Designed for easy usage, this alternative has the finest interface. The minimalist approach makes it convenient to operate even if you are a new user.

Additional Benefits

  • Open source software
  • Plugins for more functionality
  • Encrypted downloading for data privacy

4. Tixati

This uTorrent alternative is nothing like you have ever experienced before. A perfect choice if you want a customizable interface with features including bandwidth usage, priority downloads, and much more. What drew Torrent users to Tixati was its promise of an ad-free experience.

Additional Benefits

  • Privacy settings, including IP filtering
  • Channels- Inbuilt chatting app for Torrent uses
  • Tools to enhance your experience

5. qBittorrent

Wondering which Torrent client is compatible with all devices? Your answer is qBittorrent as it is designed with cutting-edge software that adapts to all devices, including iOS and Android. Its integrated search engine has made torrenting easier than ever. Wave goodbye to hours of browsing and ending up on the wrong files. qBittorrent has got your back.

Additional Benefits

  • Completely ad-free
  • Advanced search engine- Category and multiple searches allowed
  • Lightweight

6. BitComet

Downloading files from Torrents usually demands patience. However, if you are looking for quick alternatives to uTorrent then BitComet has all your answers. Created by experts to obtain data from other Torrent clients, this alternative has made browsing and downloading faster.

Additional Benefits

  • Straightforward interface
  • Supports magnet links while downloading
  • Protects your device from caching

7. Tribler

An open-source and ad-free alternative to uTorrent, Tribler has gained popularity in recent years. What attracted users to Tribler was its no-nonsense interface dedicated to making downloads easier and safer for users.

Additional Benefits

  • In-built search engine
  • Advanced security features
  • Adjustable interface

Isn’t Torrent a Saviour?

Finding movies and shows made all across the globe has been made easier with Torrents. Keeping in mind its illegality, it is hard to resist downloads on Torrent as it has emerged as the only platform with such an extensive content library.

You might have been comfortable using uTorrent, but it is time to explore their impeccable alternatives instead of waving goodbye to Torrent. However, you must keep in mind that Torrenting movies and shows is illegal and a copyright infringement that might get you in trouble if not done carefully.

Additional Tip: Being on Torrent requires you to be diligent with downloads and keep updated anti-virus software installed on your device. Become a Torrent expert by simply avoiding fishy links on the platform.