Office moving is a whole different level of stress. It involves not just a few people but whole groups of different departments and teams. It’s a gargantuan task that requires extensive project management skills and 200% of your time. The no.1 factor that gets overlooked during an office move is employee wellness. If you’re heading your moving team and you want to keep everyone fully satisfied and happy, you should read on.

Negative Effects of Office Move on Employees

It’s important to prioritize and maintain the happiness of your employees during a move because all can easily suffer from the following:

1. Loss of focus

Employees tend to have a hard time focusing during office moves. Some can easily get overwhelmed by the whole process.

2. Decrease in productivity

Employees tend to work less during an office move. This is because some can feel like everyone is not in their game and are too busy to finish deliverables. It’s easy to think this as an office move can make everyone feel disorganized and out of touch.

3. Delay in projects

Loss of focus and decrease in productivity will naturally result in delays. You have to be ready and anticipate unwanted delays during the whole moving process,  NYC office movers are a reliable option to avoid this situation. You could either accept it as it is and work around it as it happens or fully anticipate and go all out in avoiding it.

5 Things That You Should Do to Keep Your Employees Happy While on a Move

To avoid project delays and stuck deliverables, you should simply endeavor to maintain the structure of your work environment by making it a goal to keep your employees happy and satisfied. When happy and satisfied, you can be sure that your employees will still be at their 100% despite the overwhelming nature of an ongoing office move.

1. Have everyone involved!

It’s easy to lose focus on truly important tasks while relocating. To ensure that everyone stays focused and fully satisfied with everyday workflows and operations, you should make everyone feel involved. How to do this? Well, you need to make everyone feel that they are part of the moving process. Effectively create that kind of atmosphere by doing the following:

  • Ask for inputs – message each employee and ask for their suggestions and preferences. The more that they feel that they have a say on the move, the more that they will be invested and on their toes at all times instead of sitting and browsing solarmovie they will browse ideas for your new office.
  • Schedule meetings to ask for: their visions and layout preferences for the new office
  • Do a survey that inquires on: the things that they like and don’t like with the old office set-up and the things that they would prefer and not prefer for the new office space.

2. Practice full transparency!

Have an open communication line with everyone. Make it a point to update everyone on the timeline and status of the move. The more updated your employees are, the more that they’d be able to fully control and seamlessly navigate their schedules. To do this effectively, you should look for Perth office relocators like Adlam Transport that can fully and openly communicate with you at all times. You should make it a point to always forward all relocation updates to your employees as much as you can.

3. Upgrade your pantry!

Moving is the best time to upgrade everything. Make your employees feel extra welcome and at home in your new office space by making sure that your pantry is fully stocked. You can choose to update your coffee machine and water refilling station. Though don’t forget your health and safety signage when doing this – you can click here for hot water signs as well as other necessary hazard signs. You can even set up an active suggestion box where your employees can send snack requests. Your goal should always be to make your employees feel comfortable and welcome. You should go out of your way to ensure that all their pantry requests are taken care of. A good coffee break or snack break makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to focus and productivity. To make things more fun, you can even do monthly themed snacks! You can go all Mexican in January and then switch to all Japanese snacks come February!

4. Dedicate a budget for fun activities!

To ensure that your employees get quality breaks and rest, you should invest in appliances and furniture that allow for fun activities like video game consoles, ping pong tables, giant Jenga, and the likes. Throw some in a feast where your employees can enjoy food and you can use your Swiggy money that way everyone wins. To keep your employees happy and satisfied with their work environment, you should give them ripe chances to socialize and have fun with other employees. You can also invest in nap pods like the ones at Google, NASA, and Samsung. Nap pods are highly recommended as they allow employees to take quality breaks and feel instantly refreshed whenever they feel tired and overwhelmed. You can also introduce quiet spaces for meditation.

5. Plan a celebration!

Last and definitely not least, you should celebrate. Moving is stressful as it requires never-ending coordination. In the middle of all the noise and scheduling, it’s easy to forget that it’s a big sign of company growth. You should not take this core value for granted. You should also not allow your employees to overlook it. Plan a celebration for the move. It need not be grand and extensive. It can be as simple as a snack-filled meeting that highlights the company’s growth and congratulates everyone for their contributions.