Is It Time for Your Business to Switch to Solar? Understanding the Benefits

Not only in Sydney but all over Australia, we are seeing companies convert to solar left, right and centre. Of course, we all know of the tremendous results of renewable energy in terms of looking after our planet, but what can converting to solar energy do for you and your business?

Before you consider converting to solar, it is essential to assess the feasibility and evaluate your site’s solar potential. Taking this massive step can have some high upfront costs, so it isn’t something you should do blindly. That being said, if your company fits the criteria, there are some brilliant incentives on the New South Wales government website that might make a solar conversion the most viable option for you.

Once you have the initial costs out of the way, there are some brilliant benefits that ultimately outweigh any of the negatives of converting to solar. Here is a list of the most common benefits that will make you want to contact Sunbrite Solar for a commercial solar system today!

1: Cost saving

Once you are set up, you will find that relying on the sun for the majority of your business’s energy needs will significantly reduce what you are paying right now. You can even offset a percentage of your electricity consumption from the grid to further lower your utility bills over time.

2: Long-term energy security

The lifespan of solar panels can reach well over thirty years. So when you make the investment, you ensure that your business is safe and won’t suffer any unexpected surprises regarding energy costs for up to three or more decades.

3: Return on Investment

While the upfront costs might be slightly daunting, solar panels promise to be a favourable return on investment. Over time, the money saved will offset the initial installation costs. Most companies experience a positive return within the first two or three years.

4: Government incentives 

The NSW government are constantly introducing incentives and tax benefits to people willing to convert to renewable energy. Also, if you think your company might struggle with the installation costs, there may be grants and tax reduction schemes available to help.

5: Business advantage over competitors

These days, everyone is environmentally conscious. This means that when someone sees a company making a visible effort to do their part, people are far more likely to use them than their competitors. Converting to solar will ensure that all stakeholders, customers, and investors will be pleased with the efforts your business is putting in to help save the planet.

6: Energy independency

Nothing can give business independence and sustainability like generating your own electricity with solar panels. It reduces vulnerability to potential energy price fluctuations and is far less likely ever to be disrupted.

7: Environmentally friendly

More than ever before, every company has a responsibility to do its part in reducing its impact on the environment. Converting to solar is one sure way to reduce carbon emissions.


All over the globe, people are beginning to look at Australia as a country that is pioneering in improving the quality of the environment. It is more important than ever to join together to create a greener and brighter Australia, paving the way for a healthier planet. If you’re interested in converting to solar, we recommend you look into how the NSW government can help you.