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In the real estate industry, real estate agents are caught in a constant tussle to figure out ways to stand out from the crowd to attract potential clients. The professional competition is intense in this field, and this is true whether you are a realtor in US or a real estate agent in Portugal. For new agents, it is particularly challenging to navigate this world and create an appeal that the clients would respond to especially if they compare it to their favorite house in some show they watched on Torrent or Netflix

We have put together a list of relevant steps and tips to help real REALTORs® in the process of creating a strong foundation for their business and achieving great success.

Become A Successful Real Estate Agent By Taking These 5 Steps

1. Build Your Real Estate Agent Business

A real estate agent should always have the thought process of a business owner. To attract potential clients, you need to first build a solid base. You are not merely selling your services — you are marketing yourself as the best real estate agent in the business. If you start thinking from this perspective, you will be ensuring that your time, money, and resources are being spent in the right manner.

According to Estate Agents Southsea company, constant learning and improving yourself can help you build that way of thinking as being the best real estate agent in the business and thus be more convincing when marketing yourself as one.

It is also a good idea to have valid licenses for different states so you are not limited to only one. So for example if you want to work in Missouri you should know how to get a real estate license in Missouri.

You need to start by focusing on the following two aspects.

A. Have A Business Plan

First-time real estate agents make the mistake of starting without a clear business plan. As a REALTOR®, you must envision your future and decide which path would lead you to it. The business plan will guide the direction of all other aspects, such as marketing, real estate company choice, investment in resources, and much more.

B. Build Your Personal Brand

Always create your brand first. Your brand is the first contact your audience will have with you as a real estate agent. It is the key to speak to your target audience. Plus, you will want to have video Reals and lots of reviews of yourself. You will need to build confidence in the consumers’ minds that you are their best choice to solve their problems. For instance, if they have elderly and kids in house install thermostats so that everyone can enjoy temperature accordingly.

C. Answer Phone Calls And Emails

Answering the phone is a primary requirement of this job. Clients will call you at all times of the day, and it is necessary to respond to each call and email at your earliest convenience. Also, get into the practice of sorting them in your construction CRM tool. This would simplify your entire communication system with each client.

2. Focus On Business Marketing

Business Marketing

An agent also needs to prioritize marketing expenses. But it may seem counter-intuitive to spend money when you are yet to earn your commissions. However, the truth is, for you to start selling, you need to invest in the following areas:

A. Plan Out Your Marketing Strategy

Agents must initially try out various free and paid marketing strategies to figure out which gives you the best return in terms of client leads. Try a combination of Facebook ads, Google AdWords, and even pay-per-click marketing.

B. Investment On Generating Leads

Lead Generation

New agents must have a steady pipeline of high-quality seller leads. Therefore, registering on a leading online seller lead generation channel like can be highly beneficial. It can also reduce some initial costs as Dorrmat provides a lot of free features and tools to their real estate agents. The main benefit is that the sellers are all highly motivated, so it increases your chance of obtaining the listings.

3. Create An Online Presence

The real estate market is saturated with agents, and to have good business prospects, you need to build a robust digital presence. Buyers and sellers of houses are going to first search online. You need to ensure that you are the first person on their list. According to the data released by the National Association of REALTORS®, over 67% of agents utilize digital modes in different ways. You can garner more customers through two measures:

A. Personal Real Estate Website

Creating a professional niched website will help property owners reach your business. It is a really good practice to make your marketing advertising a one-sided business-generating site. This allows you to dive in deep and wide to the one side you love and desire to focus on. This will help you look, sound, and act as the expert in your niche. Many agents try to attract everybody and end up with nobody in the end. Always ensure that your website has a well-designed landing page with well-placed Call To Action (CTA) buttons.

B. Utilize Social Media Platform

Social media is a great way to reach the market in your local neighborhood. Create a business profile on major social media sites and regularly post updates about new listings, open house events, and market-related news and information. This does work for both generating buyers and sellers. Sellers see that you are standing out when it comes to getting properties out there for buyers to find.

4. Focus On Building Local Market Expertise

To stand out from all the other agents in your city, you must create your niche when it comes to house sales. Study the local market and identify the home type that you wish to be the expert in. Are you the go-to person for condominiums? Are you the best when it comes to single-family homes? Or maybe you are the best for first-time home sellers? Highlight this niche in all of your marketing activities.

5. Prioritize Building Client Relationships

It is not only about trying to sell houses. An agent needs to focus on building a network of clients. If you create a track record of successful deals and always deliver what the clients want, then you can make them a brand ambassador for you. By cultivating relationships, you get multiple related benefits, from quality referrals to repeat business.

These will help you widen your sphere of influence, sell more houses, earn more money, and achieve the success you want. For agents, the priority is to convert each sale into a future opportunity.


In the real estate business, clients want an agent who can not only close deals, but also provides them the best in terms of services. This makes it all the more vital for real estate agents to constantly strive hard to figure out ways to stand out from the competition. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you will surely be able to carve your success.