How do I cancel my Swiggy order after 60 seconds?

  1. Swiggy has made life easier by delivering your favorite food and beverages to your doorstep within minutes. One of the biggest food delivery platforms, Swiggy, is operational in more than 44 cities and has the highest rating.

    They have also introduced their Instamart, allowing you to find groceries every day within seconds without having to go to the crowded markets. Offers and plans through the application are unmatchable.

    If you are staying in India, you have probably ordered food using Swiggy multiple times. But have you ever faced a situation where you ordered by mistake or made an error with the order? The answer is probably yes, as you have landed here.

    Well, you do not have to panic, as the application allows you to cancel the order within 60 seconds and swiggy late delivery policy

    How to Cancel Your Swiggy Order within 60 Seconds?

    Ordering food through the application is super easy, and so is canceling it if you do it within the time frame. You can follow these simple steps to cancel your order on the Swiggy application.

    Cancellation Through Swiggy Bot Chat

    How to Cancel Your Swiggy Order within 60 Seconds?

    • Step 1: Once you have placed the order, you can find a “food status” bar right at the bottom of the screen on the application.
    • Step 2: Click on the “food status” bar and you will be redirected to a new page. Scroll down to find “Help,” and under this, you will be able to see the “I want to cancel my order” option.
    • Step 3: As you select the “I want to cancel my order,” you will be taken to a BOT chat window where you will have to state a valid reason for the cancellation.
    • Step 4: Following this, if the swiggy application accepts your reason, then your order is automatically canceled. You will get the refund within 5-7 business days if your order was prepaid.

    Cancellation Through the Application Directly

    There is a separate way of canceling your order through the application.

    • Step 1: Once you have placed the order, find the “food status” menu on the application window.
    • Step 2: Select the menu, and you will be redirected to a new page showcasing the map, order summary, and other details of your order. Here, you can find the “Cancel my order” option.
    • Step 3: This option is available only if you want to cancel the order within 60 seconds of placing it.
    • Step 4: Click on the “Cancel my Order” option and select your reasons from the drop-down menu.
    • Step 5: Wollah! Your order is canceled, and you are eligible for a refund if the payment has already been made for the order.

    Note- Remember that Swiggy holds the right to reject your cancellation request, and in such a situation, you are bound to accept their decision. Swiggy also reserves the right to Terms & Conditions for cancellation requests.

    T&Cs that You Must Keep in Mind

    T&Cs that You Must Keep in Mind

    • You must have noticed that every time you place an order on Swiggy, you get a “Confirmation” notification within minutes. The fundamental rule is that you can not cancel your order if you have received the confirmation notification.
    • Secondly, if Swiggy is not satisfied with your reason for cancellation, then they may cancel your order but can charge you as a penalty.
    • The cancellation can be done on Swiggy’s part as well in case of unavailability or glitch. Swiggy is bound to inform you via notification, call on the registered mobile number, and mail on the registered mail ID.

    Refund on Swiggy

    You can ask for a refund by following these easy steps.

    • Step 1: Open the Swiggy application and go to your profile. From here, you have to select “My Orders”.
    • Step 2: Once you select “My Orders,” you will be redirected to a page with all your orders. Tap on the order you want a refund for.
    • Step 3: Select “Help,” and you will be connected to a BOT chat window with multiple options, including “I want a refund.”
    • Step 4: Tap the option, and you will be connected with an actual Swiggy agent. State your reasons for refund, and if satisfied, they will give you a refund.

    Note– Decisions regarding refund, in case of damaged or tampered goods delivered, are taken by Swiggy and are final and binding.

    Round Up!

    Swiggy is dedicated to delivering delicious bites to your doorsteps and satisfy your cravings. They work hard to make your experience smooth while ensuring not to hamper their delivery boy’s time and effort.

    Every time you place an order, be diligent and avoid making mistakes that might not be undone. In any case, Swiggy’s team is at fault, and you might find yourself struggling with the order or have received tampered goods. In such cases, you are entitled to a refund (check swiggy late delivery policy).
    Now, you can get groceries delivered to you within 10-15 minutes and prepare delightful meals with Swiggy’s latest Instamart. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Cancel My Order on Swiggy?

    Yes, you can cancel your order on Swiggy. It has to be done within 60 seconds of placing the order. The limited time frame is followed to save the interest of restaurants and delivery people.

    Can I Get a Refund on Swiggy?

    Yes, you can get a refund on Swiggy. You will have to talk to their agent and provide valid reasons as to why you are eligible for a refund. Remember that Swiggy is not bound to make a refund if they are not satisfied with your reasons.

    How Can I Get Offers on Swiggy?

    The Swiggy application comes up with amazing offers for all your orders. To increase the margin, you can purchase their membership (Swiggy One Subscription). There are both monthly and annual plans available.