why isn't my ring doorbell ringing

Doorbells are designed to last for years and ensure you an active alert depending on the type of doorbell you have installed. On top of alerting you about guests at the door, doorbells are now designed to provide safety and security as well.

Whether you have frequent guests or not, doorbells are crucial. You might not even have come across a house with a doorbell ringing on its own. With advancements in technology, the doorbell industry has made safety a priority.

Are you facing issues with your doorbell? Or have you received calls from guests complaining about them returning from your doorstep due to constant rings that you did not respond to? Well, it is time you fix your doorbell for the good.

What is Your Doorbell Type?

Before you go ahead with finding reasons and solutions for your doorbell not working, you must identify your doorbell type. Lord knows how many types and systems have reached the market.

To make the technical aspects simpler for you, your house will have either of these two types of doorbells. 

1. Handwired Fixed Doorbell

If your doorbell is connected to a typical electrical wiring system, then you have a hardwired fixed type installed. These are probably the most common type of doorbell that comes at affordable prices and does the job efficiently. It is often fun picking the chime of your house.

2. Battery Powered Doorbell

This type of doorbell has gained popularity in recent years. Operated on a transmission between the bell and chime box receiver, they do not have a wired system. If your doorbell comes in handy and runs on battery, then you have a battery-powered doorbell. You might have several other features in your battery doorbell; the wireless battery system is the easiest identifier.

Handwired Fixed Doorbell – Reasons and Solutions

The traditional hand-wired fixed doorbell is designed with an advanced electrical system for longevity. However, just like all your other electrical devices, these also often fall prey to malfunction, or you might witness that the doorbell ringing on its own. You do not need to panic about spending chunks of money on getting a new doorbell installed.

You can get it fixed with easy solutions, but first, let’s help you figure out the reasons behind the malfunction.

Loosened Circuit Wiring

This type of doorbell comes with a button, chime, and receiver, which suggests its complicated wiring base. There can be a chance that your doorbell is facing disconnected or loosened circuit wiring, leading to failed signals to the receiver/chime box.

Solution: You can simply get the wiring checked by a professional or get a fresh wire installed for your doorbell.

Speaker Malfunction

Possibly the most common reason behind a failed doorbell is a speaker/chime malfunction.

Solution: Get your speaker cleaned with a duster and try ringing the bell again. If this does not work, then you get the speaker replaced instead of changing the whole setup, which would cost you a lot more.

Voltage Fluctuations

Electricity board in your locality is usually under pressure, which can lead to voltage fluctuations.

Improper installation.

Solution: You should seek help from a professional to identify whether the doorbell is facing issues due to voltage fluctuations in the transformer. Note- If the doorbell fails to match the update voltage unit of the transformer, you will have to replace your doorbell.

Battery Powered Doorbell – Reasons and Solution

A battery-powered doorbell is a lot more convenient to install and comes with amazing new safety functions for your house. If they are failing to do the job, you should probably look for these reasons.

Low Battery Level

The most common default in this type of doorbell is the drained battery. Your doorbell works on battery and usually is designed to last for 6-12 months. However, most of the modern setups send you a notification on your phone as a warning.

Solution: Remove the flap cover from the doorbell and replace the battery with a new set.

WiFi Issues

Most of these doorbells rely on WiFi to send you alerts and other safety notifications. If you are facing delayed alerts, then there might be issues with your home WiFi.

Solution: Probably the first thing you should do when you face delayed or failed alerts is check whether your WiFi is working or not. Disconnect and connect again; this will help your case.

Note: To reconnect your WiFi to the doorbell, you can visit the doorbell application on your phone and find the WiFi menu.

Additional Tip: Regardless of what type of doorbell you have installed, simple cleaning of the speaker/chime box and reconnecting always works.

Round Up!

There can be several issues with your doorbell, depending on the type you have installed. Wired doorbells often face circuit and voltage issues, while wireless doorbells have drained battery problems. Therefore, it is crucial to identify your doorbell type to react to the right solution.

A minute issue with your doorbell does not mean that you need a replacement; it might not be working because of minute issues that can easily be fixed with the help of a professional. Only when the professional suggests a replacement is when you should go looking for a new setup.

Stay active and safe at all times.