2021 was a decisive year for home entertainment. This industry has been responsible for the surge of many new advancements and trends in the online world. In 2022, online entertainment will flourish even further, with some interesting and revolutionary technologies becoming accessible to wider audiences. Join us as we go over some of the best home entertainment tools and technology that is expected to dominate the online entertainment industry in 2022.

Virtual Reality

For many years, virtual reality technology has been tested in different industries. In the coming years, it will play a big part in major markets such as social media and even the business world, but for now, it’s the gaming industry that is closest to successfully incorporating VR technology. Currently, video gaming is already mostly based on shared virtual spaces where players meet digitally. Ofcourse the ones, who are not watching movies or are excited to play after work.  they are not watching  Now, the next big step is the full incorporation of virtual reality in all sorts of games, which will result in more immersive experiences. While there are already several developers that have incorporated this technology in their projects, its mass dissemination is yet to happen. 2022 is expected to be a turning point for virtual reality, as the gradual decrease of the price of the equipment required to experience this type of gaming will result in its full implementation and use.

However, the video game industry isn’t the only business in the gaming world which will benefit from virtual reality. For instance, online gambling, which has also grown significantly in recent years, has been testing out this type of technology for some time. Virtual casinos have also adopted various key strategies implemented in other entertainment sectors, such as streaming platforms. Much like Netflix and Spotify have at times relied on free trials as incentives to attract more clients, online gambling platforms currently offer bonuses, free spins and welcome bonuses to new clients. For users interested in taking advantage of these offers, here’s a great place to get started.

Video Streaming Platforms

In the past two years, TV and movie streaming platforms have become the most popular form of online entertainment. With over 500 million users worldwide, it is estimated that streaming platforms will reach 1,7 billion subscribers by 2026. However, behind such immense growth, there is fierce competition going on between streaming platforms. As a result, these platforms have begun expanding their offer by investing in different innovations. In 2022, these platforms will continue to revolutionise the way we watch films and television but also incorporate new features.

For instance, Amazon Prime Video is expected to regularly start featuring live content and invest even further on streaming live sports competitions, something which you can learn more about here. Simultaneously, Netflix has also recently launched their new feature titled Netflic Games, that sees the streaming giant enter the gaming industry. It’s expected that we’ll see numerous new games arrive to the platform throughout 2022. In fact, Netflix owns a studio dedicated to developing games, having already published titles related to some other original series, such as Stranger Things.

Virtual Concerts

The music industry has been reshaped by the recent surge of streaming platforms. These apps have changed traditional music distribution and production, and 2022 promises to shake up the business even further. There are currently many companies and artists that have heavily invested in new forms of musical presentations. Virtual concerts will be one of the biggest home entertainment innovations in the next few years. Platforms such as Looped or Wave currently allow artists to create unique virtual spaces and host either live stream, prerecorded or completely animated presentations where fans can interact with performers much like in real concerts. Virtual concerts are not only one of the best ways to enjoy an immersive experience from the comfort of your home, but are also a glimpse into what the future metaverse can look like, as this article explains in further detail.

Ultimately, while all these three technologies/tools along with kickass torrent are expected to be the top trends in online entertainment in 2022, augmented reality is also a key technology to keep an eye on. Moreover, the entertainment industry is always looking for the next big thing and can always surprise users when they least expect it.