What Are the Private Label Products of Big Basket?

If you are in India and you want to order groceries online, the first name that comes up is Big Basket.

Big Basket is India’s largest online grocery food delivery platform, which was founded in 2011, and it has completely revolutionized the way people in India used to purchase groceries.

Thanks to COVID-19, people have started using Big Basket to order fresh fruits and vegetables, packaged foods, household essentials, beauty products, medicines, etc.

In this article, we’ll discuss Big Basket’s vendor registration, their private-label products, and everything about them.

Let’s get started! 

What Do You Mean by Private Label?

Private label products, which can also be called store brands or own brands, refer to products produced by the manufacturer but sold under the branding and label of a specific retailer or distributor.

For example, if you are manufacturing a product like soap, but when you sell it to the retailer or distributor, they sell it in the market using the product’s name.

These are private label products as they give the freedom to retailers to launch new products for the consumers while maintaining control over factors like pricing, branding, and marketing. 

Private label products cover various categories, from food and beverages to personal care items, clothing, and electronics.

To make sure that their products perform well in the market, they work closely with the manufacturers so that they can create products tailored to their target audience. 

Private Labels of Big Basket 

Two big names come to mind if we start talking about Big Basket’s private labels. The first one is Fresho, one of the famous private labels, offering a range of fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. The second one is called BB Royal, which focuses on a variety of staples and essentials. These include products like rice, flour, pulses, and other kitchen essentials, known for their quality and competitive pricing. 

Let’s learn a bit about Big Basket’s investments and its private-label products. 

  • Diverse Product Range: Big Basket’s private label products consist of a wide range of categories and products, including staples, FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), and more. This allows customers to choose from various private-label options when shopping for groceries, which encourages customers to return to Big Basket. 
  • Investment in Private Labels: The company has made several investments, like 500 crore, to expand its private label brands. The reason for this investment is to provide a broad selection of private-label products to the customers. They even launched BB Accelerate, which is an initiative to invest in FMCG brands. They have actively invested in FMCG companies. They have even attracted substantial investments to support its growth and expansion. 


  • Quality and Affordability: If you are a customer of Big Basket, then you know the quality they maintain in their products. Along with the quality, they make sure that the product is affordable for customers to purchase. These products are specially designed to meet customer expectations for both cost-effectiveness and high standards. 
  • Contribution to Revenue: Currently, private-label products contribute significantly to Big Basket’s total revenue. Even though the percentage might vary, it is a substantial part of their income. Big Basket has high expectations and targets for private-label products, as they have aimed to achieve 45% of their revenue from private labels. This shows that they are betting big on private labels to drive their revenue growth.
  • Competitive Edge: Private labels allow Big Basket to offer unique products on its platform that can’t be found elsewhere. This attracts customers who are looking for unique and new products. Private labels also ensure that their products are high-quality, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust. Big Basket also keeps the price of private-label products lower than that of branded alternatives. This easily attracts price-conscious consumers, giving it a competitive edge. 
  • The Impact on the Grocery Market: The rise of private-label products is not new to Big Basket. Rather, it was a trend seen across the online grocery sector. The Economic Times states that online grocery players like Big Basket have totally revolutionized the industry into profit. They give better offers to their customers while having better profit margins. 
  • Innovation in Private Labels: Big Basket started with groceries, but with time, they have added staples like rice, pulses, and personal care items. They are exploring innovative private-label products, which include organic and sustainable options, catering to the growing demand for environmentally conscious products. 


Big Basket is one of the common names in India if we talk about online groceries.

It has lived up to its name by consistently providing good quality products at an affordable price.

In this article, we discussed everything about Big Basket’s private labels and how they have invested in FMCG companies.

We hope this article was informative and you learned about Big Basket’s insights.