If you constantly find yourself lingering around the food delivery services, Swiggy must be one of your regularly visited apps. If yes, it is time you make transactions and orders a bit more convenient by using the Swiggy wallet. 

A lot of services, like Ola, Paytm, etc., have their own wallets where the money can be stored and then used. Now, with Swiggy Wallet, you do not have to worry about failed payments or delayed transactions. 

In this blog, we discuss everything you must know about Swiggy money and whether you can transfer it to your bank or not! 

What is Swiggy Money? 

What is Swiggy Money?

Swiggy, a leading food delivery service, launched a digital wallet feature that makes ordering your food hassle-free. In partnership with ICICI, Swiggy launched a digital wallet for itself aimed at providing convenient services to customers. 

In simpler words, you can store money for your meals using the digital wallet of Swiggy. The money from the digital Swiggy wallet can be used for food orders from the platform. Apart from ordering food, Swiggy money can also be used for Dine Out, Instamart, or Genie. So now, with the help of a Swiggy wallet, you can pay for your favorite meals. 

How to Add Money to Your Swiggy Wallet? 

Customers can add money to their Swiggy wallets easily by adding money to the wallet. To do so, navigate the wallet section on your device and then click on “Add Money.” This way, you will be able to add the desirable amount of money to your Swiggy wallet. The added money can then be used for an easier check-out for your orders. 

How to Enable The Feature? 

To enable the Swiggy wallet, there’s an easy procedure that allows you to use Swiggy money with no trouble. Because Swiggy Wallet is a featured partnership with ICICI, it is relatively easier for ICICI customers. So, if you are an existing ICICI customer, you can instantly start using the wallet. If not, minimum KYC credentials will let you take advantage of this feature. 

How Did Swiggy Money Start?

Today, we can use Swiggy money to avail offers or to directly pay for our food orders. But this is not how Swiggy money was first used. We all have had a few orders where the orders were canceled, or the orders were not delivered due to some glitch (or unavailability). When Swiggy Wallet was introduced, its sole purpose was to provide refunds to customers in case of failed or canceled orders. 

Can You Transfer Swiggy Money to the Bank? 

Can You Transfer Swiggy Money to the Bank?

As per guidelines, it is not possible to transfer money from your Swiggy wallet to your bank account. No amount credited to your Swiggy wallet can be credited or transferred to any other bank account. 

So, the money you have in your Swiggy wallet can not either be withdrawn or transferred to a bank account. So, the only way to use unused money from your Swiggy wallet is to pay it while you order food from Swiggy or use Instamart, Genie, or Dine Out. 

While the money can not be debited, it enables the users to get a digital wallet that they can use instantly for their orders. And the best part about using Swiggy money is the offers, discounts, and coupon codes that users get.

Adding money to your Swiggy wallet is extremely easy. To do so, all you have to do is access the wallet section and click on “Add money.” Using the payment method at your convenience, you can add money to your digital wallet. 

The advantage of the Swiggy wallet is that it makes transactions convenient. While you can not debit or transfer digital money from your Swiggy wallet, you can use it as a payment method as you check out your meals and orders. 

Are There Any Limitations with Swiggy Money? 

Swiggy Wallet has provided a way to use its digital money to make ordering food seamless. But the only restriction it has is that the money can only be used in the Swiggy app. There’s no possible way to add wallet money to your account. Adding to that, the money added to your Swiggy wallet is not refundable as well. 

The Split-pay Option

If you are wondering how you will pay for your order if your order value exceeds Swiggy money, here is the answer for you. Swiggy has an option, “Split-pay,” that will allow the payment by using your Swiggy money and another payment method together. This way, you can complete your transaction even if your Swiggy money does not cover the price of your order. 

Summing Up!

Swiggy money is money you can store digitally in a Swiggy wallet. The benefit of Swiggy Wallet Money is that it makes seamless and hassle-free food ordering by providing a faster payment alternative. 

Swiggy Wallet was introduced by the food delivery service to give refunds to customers. But now, it has been used by customers to make quick transactions as they order their favorite meals.

The convenience of a single-click checkout makes serving delicious meals a lot better. The money from your Swiggy wallet can not be transferred to a bank account.

But you can use it to make payments for your orders in the app itself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Transfer Swiggy Money to My Bank? 

Swiggy money is saved in your Swiggy digital wallet, which can not be transferred to your bank account. However, you can use it to make payments for your orders on Swiggy. Apart from restaurant orders, it can also be used for Instamart, Dine Out, and Genie. 

How to Enable Swiggy Money? 

Enabling Swiggy money is extremely easy. To do so, open your app, go to Swiggy Money, and click “Activate Swiggy Money.” Afterward, you will be asked to do the minimum KYC if you are not an ICICI user. 

How to Use Swiggy Money for My Orders? 

To use Swiggy money, your Swiggy wallet must have digital money. You can add money to your Swiggy wallet. After that, use it to pay your orders, delivery charges, or service fees as you place your order with Swiggy.