Is Swiggy money good?

In 2020, swiggy announced the launch of its native digital wallet, just like Paytm or Amazon Pay, named Swiggy Money. Swiggy Money is a digital wallet where you can pay for the food you are ordering from the app.

The company has partnered with ICICI Bank, so any user who is a customer of ICICI Bank can begin the wallet instantly. But if anyone does not have an account in ICICI bank, then they are required to provide a government ID to activate the swiggy money wallet. But is swiggy money good?

In the below article, we are going to discuss why swiggy money is needed. And is it really good?

What is Swiggy Money?

Swiggy Money is a digital wallet or payment option that was introduced by the popular food delivery app swiggy. In this service, you can store money in your swiggy wallet, which is available in the swiggy app, and you can use the balance in the wallet to pay for the meals you ordered from swiggy.

This provides a seamless and convenient experience for swiggy users and prevents them from the hustle of online payment.  

Is Swiggy Money Good?

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Just like every famous food delivery app, Swiggy Money also thinks of benefits for its customers. Having money in a swiggy wallet will prevent you from being dependent on online paying apps like Paytm.

Users can get many benefits if they plan to use this way to pay. Also, as mentioned above, this food delivery app has tied up with a renowned bank named ICICI Bank.

This provides you with safety and relief. Below are some benefits that you will receive from swiggy money. 

1. Convenient

This platform will provide you with a convenient way for users to make payments to make food orders from the swiggy app.

Swiggy has also collaborated with ICICI Bank, which will give benefits to the users of the same bank. If you are with no account in ICICI bank, then provide some government ID, for example, a PAN card, adhaar card and your swiggy money wallet will be activated.

Having a swiggy money wallet will also save you from entering your card details or PIN code for transactions. 

2. Get Offers and Discounts

As a member of swiggy and having a swiggy money wallet will give you a lot of benefits like special offers, discounts, cashback, exclusive deals, and many more. In every step or offer, you will be given priority, so keep an eye on all the offers and discounts.

This is a win-win deal for both the consumer and company where the company will get a customer, and the customer will get benefits. This kind of offer attracts many customers, increasing the sales of the company.    

3. Secure

Like any other digital wallet, it is important to ensure the security of your swiggy money account. Swiggy Money also ensures the safety of your wallet and does not let anyone access it without passwords. And if anyone accesses it, then you will receive a transaction alert notification. So, make sure you have a password that is strong enough to protect your funds. 

4. Faster Services

As mentioned above, you will be a priority and will get incentivized with many benefits, and fast services are one of them. After using Swiggy Money, your order will be prioritized, and delivery partners will be dispatched quickly, ensuring your food reaches you in the shortest period.   


Having your wallet in the app is a great idea! It comes with a lot of advantages and benefits provided to the customers. After discussing all the points, it is concluded that opening a swiggy wallet or making payments from swiggy money is not a bad idea. So, if you are someone who orders food frequently from food delivery apps, then you can go for it.  

Do you have a digital swiggy wallet? If yes, do you use it? Let us listen to your thoughts in the below comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Benefit of Swiggy Money?

Swiggy Money can provide many benefits to regular users (like discounts, instant refunds, etc.), but only if the payment is made through it. You will get an advantage if you are a customer of ICICI Bank. Just enter the credentials and avail the services instantly.  

Is Swiggy Money Being Discontinued?

Swiggy Money is said to be shut down soon, on 30 June 2023. If you are someone who has money on it, then do not worry cause all your money from Swiggy Money will go to a swiggy gift card with a one-year guarantee.  

Where Can I Use My Swiggy Money?

Swiggy money can only be used when you are planning to order food. It can’t be used for other types of orders. You can get a lot of benefits from it like discounts, offers, no delivery charges and many more. So, if you want these benefits, you can go with the option of swiggy money. 

What is the Limit of Swiggy Money?

Every wallet has some kind of limitations, and the same goes for swiggy money. The maximum transaction that can be done in a month is 10k. This is the limit of the swingy wallet.