What is the salary of Swiggy manager in India?

Food cravings see no time. For days when you want to have a comforting meal in your cozy bed, food delivery services do the best job. Unlike the old times, you don’t necessarily have to go out for the deliciousness of your favorite meals. 

While Swiggy is a popular food delivery service, it offers a lot of jobs to people. So, it is important to understand the salary dynamics of the brand.

It is not just for building a career, but having insights into salary on the manager level can help in understanding employee satisfaction, retention & talent acquisition, and career guidance. 

Let us begin to explore everything you must know about the salary of Swiggy managers and swiggy late delivery policy in India. 

A Brief Introduction to Swiggy

A Brief Introduction to Swiggy

Swiggy resonates with the happiness they deliver along with your food at your doorstep. After Zomato, Swiggy is the most popular food delivery service in India. The service was started back in 2014, and till now, it delivers food in more than 500 Indian cities. 

How Swiggy works is simple. The website or application helps the customers connect with the food restaurants in their locations. By browsing different restaurants, a customer can easily find his meal and make an order that gets delivered by an associate delivery partner. 

The revenue generated by Swiggy is mainly collected from delivery charges, commissions from restaurant charges, and advertising. Swiggy Genie and Instamart are two new business plans that add to the revenue plan of Swiggy. The membership program is another way of revenue generation. 

Career: Swiggy Manager Role

Career Swiggy Manager Role

The well-established franchise of Swiggy is a great way to kick-start your career in management. Swiggy offers different job roles in domains like Technology, Business, Cloud Kitchen, Customer Care, etc. 

There are several managers that Swiggy hires. The role of managers is to lead and supervise their teams. Along with this, some important duties of a manager are to manage operations, track performance, address customer satisfaction, negotiate & handle vendor relations, quality control, and data analysis. 

Significance of a Manager

Significance of a Manager

Before we directly jump to the expected salaries of managers in Swiggy, let us quickly understand why they are needed in the first place. 

The most important reason why any company needs a manager is to run the services smoothly. Managers are crucial to see if there’s an efficient operation or not. For example, a Swiggy manager will see if the deliveries are on time or not and if the deliveries are smooth or not. 

If you get low-quality meals, it is expected that you will hesitate to use their services again. Quality control is another aspect that is looked upon by a manager. Managers make the front line for resolving customer issues and provide them with error-free services. 

Adding to this, Swiggy is nothing with their restaurant partners. So maintaining strong relationships with them is another crucial management for the revenue of Swiggy as a food delivery service. Scalability and performance improvement are two other important areas covered by managers. 

Now that we have a brief knowledge of the roles of managers, it is obvious that one manager can not do it all alone. So, there are individual managers for specific departments to make a smooth workflow. 

Average Salary for a Swiggy Manager

Average Salary for a Swiggy Manager

Swiggy managers make an approximate amount of 17,00,000 per year, which varies depending on different factors. The salary for a Swiggy manager can start from 1,50,000 INR per year to 50,00,000 INR per year. Note that it is a rounded-off figure, and actual salaries may vary for the positions of different managers. 

Furthermore, the salary will also depend on the department a manager is working in. For example, a General Manager will earn approximately 42,00,000 INR per year (with an average of 25,00,000 to 55,00,000 INR per annum) and has an experience of 6-10 years. At the same time, the salary for a City Manager is around 10 lakh with an experience of 2-8 years (with an average of 4-18 lakhs). 

Here is a list of managers from different departments:

  • General Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Associate Sales Manager
  • Account Retail Manager
  • Cluster Manager
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Manager- Business Development & Facilities
  • Senior Manager- Ads & Monetization
  • Product Manager
  • Senior Manager -SCM
  • Store Manager

Factors Affecting the Salary of Swiggy Managers

Factors Affecting the Salary of Swiggy Managers

Managers for different departments will have variable salaries, which makes it difficult to define a specific salary range for a Swiggy manager. Other than the department of the manager, different factors will determine the salary of a manager. 

The total experience will help in grabbing a relatively higher salary than a fresher. If you are associated with the company for a longer tenure, your salary is expected to get a spike. Another variation that makes the salaries variable is the location.

Top cities will pay their employees higher because of higher costs of living. Industry standards, performance, competition, and qualifications are a few other criteria that are important for the salary. 


Swiggy is a popular Indian food delivery service, making it easier to enjoy our meals with no hassle. Like every other business or brand, Swiggy is nothing without its managers.

Managers at Swiggy ensure there’s an efficient workflow, resulting in the best outcome. 

It is a bit of a challenge to generate an approximate salary range for a manager at Swiggy. The reason is that it is variable depending on what department you are working in.

Additionally, experience, performance, educational background, and industry standards determine the exact salary of a manager at Swiggy. 

On average, a manager associated with Swiggy will earn an approximate figure of 17,00,000 per annum, which is variable.

For more accurate salary insights, visit websites like GlassDoor and SalaryExpert. 

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