Is Swiggy Money being discontinued?

Ever since Swiggy announced its all-new Swiggy Money back in 2020, everyone who was looking for more ease in ordering and getting food got really excited.

However, the recent news has been making everyone worried.

Everyone who had loaded money in their swiggy vouchers, knowing that Swiggy Money could be getting discontinued, worried because they didn’t know where their money would go.

But is Swiggy Money really being discontinued? In this article, we explore all of that.

Keep reading to know the answer. 

What is Swiggy Money? What are the Benefits of Using It?

What is Swiggy Money? What are the Benefits of Using It?

Making you very independent while ordering food from Swiggy, the company announced Swiggy money in 2020. In partnership with ICICI Bank, Swiggy has introduced its own digital wallet that enables any user to have a single-click checkout experience.

With this wallet, users can avail discounts, get instant refunds, and make payments. If in case you are an ICICI bank customer, you will get more benefits. But worry not, any person who has government Identity cards can also use this Swiggy money. Adding to this, Swiggy Money also had options like split may that made it a very easy and helpful feature in the food ordering app. 

Back when Swiggy Money was introduced, a very delighted Anand Agrawal, the VP of Products at swiggy, had said that they aim to make this the best payment and refund experience. With the swiggy money, they will be able to maintain best-in-industry repeat rates and easy translation service that makes the hassles minimal when it comes to getting food. 

In partnership with ICICI Bank, Swiggy was the first in its sector to bring a digital wallet. It offers a great user experience, and by using the ICICI platform, anyone can access even better offers and discounts.

Everyone at the Swiggy was very happy and excited to bring this new service into existence. So much so that Swiggy launched this new service in most states across the country. However, not all dreams come true, and that’s what happened with Swiggy money. 

Is Swiggy Money Being Discontinued?

Is Swiggy Money Being Discontinued?

While the dream for Swiggy Money started at a big high, it looks like Swiggy Money is indeed being discontinued. Many users of the service, very recently in June 2023, received a message that said, “Hi, your swiggy money wallet powered by ICICI Bank will be closed by 30-06-2023.” Any balance will reflect as a gift card under Swiggy Money for seamless usage.

”Post this message, most people who had their balance in Swiggy money have gotten gift cards that come with about 1-year warranty. However, this will not offer you the discounts that it did when you had Swiggy money. 

As per the latest FAQs, Swiggy Money will no longer be associated with ICICI Bank. In fact, they will partner with RazorPay. The speculation has it that Swiggy Money is undergoing a revamp and will be back soon. It is likely that the add money option has been disabled because they are undergoing changes on the backend. 

How to Use the Swiggy Money Voucher?

How to Use the Swiggy Money Voucher?

Now that we know that Swiggy is transferring all the Swiggy money balance into vouchers, it is also important to understand how to use these vouchers. You can use these vouchers to not just order food from swiggy but also grocery and as a genie. It is simple to do this. All you have to do is- 

  • Go to the account section on the swiggy app
  • Click on Swiggy Money and select Activate Swiggy Money 
  • Complete the needed KYC if it isn’t done already
  • Click on Add Voucher and go to the link on the Swiggy money page 
  • Enter your voucher code along with the pin 
  • The amount will be added to your Swiggy wallet which is powered by the banking partner. 


While it is true that Swiggy money has been paused for now, there are low chances that it will be discontinued forever. The recent related news suggests that Swiggy is partnering with HDFC Bank to bring Swiggy Credit cards that will work with Swiggy Money.

You will get exciting offers with this. While everything is a little unclear with it right now, it looks like Swiggy is working on the backend to make things work.

We will have to wait to see how Swiggy moves forward with Swiggy money in the near future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access Swiggy Money?

You can activate Swiggy Money by going to your swiggy account on the swiggy app. Once you are there, you can activate the Swiggy Money button. After agreeing to the terms and conditions of the service, you will be good to go. 

Is Swiggy Money Good?

Swiggy Money can be used to avail of instant refunds, and you can use this money for easy checkouts and hassle-free orders for food and groceries. Now that Swiggy Money is being deactivated, you will get the balance in your vouchers. 

Can I Pay Cash On Swiggy?

Yes, you can pay cash on Swiggy using the COD option. However, there are some places or orders that might still not allow you for cash orders. Otherwise, you can use cash to pay for your orders.