Who is the Target Audience of Big Basket?

Have you ever thought about who the target audience of Big Basket is? Big Basket has become a popular name in the grocery world and has lots of loyal customers. It has earned a strong customer base, knows the preferences and mindset of its customers, and establishes strong relationships with them.

Big Basket has revolutionized the grocery shopping experience for customers in India. With every click, you get to find fresh fruits, beauty products, essential pantry items, beverages, baby products, and delicious treats.

But what type of customers does BigBasket focus on, and how does it accommodate customers’ preferences? Big Basket has a wide target audience ranging from ladies to men, babies, health and fitness freaks, and food lovers. It tries to reach a wide range of audiences and engages with them effectively.

Let’s take a look at the big-basket vendor registration process and the target segment of this eCommerce giant. 

Target Segment of Big Basket

We’ll try to understand the target segmentation of BigBasket and how it stays ahead in the highly competitive eCommerce industry. 

Who is Big Basket Target

Big Basket targets people of different backgrounds and ages. It mainly targets individuals and families from metro cities. It has also expanded to non-metro cities from 2018.

Big Basket segments customers into various groups based on demographics, purchase history, and preferences. This allows them to know about the specific needs of each segment.

45.84% of females and 54.16% of males are the target audience of BigBasket. Singles, working professionals, corporate couples, retired personnel, and students are the main target audience of the company. 

Types of Shoppers that are Big Basket Targets

Big Basket targets a wide range of customers. Let’s take a look at its main target customers. 

1. Family and Home Oriented Individuals

Family and Home Oriented Individuals

Big Basket targets family- and home-oriented individuals who consider it their duty to take good care of their family and raise their children properly but don’t have the time to go to the store for grocery shopping due to their busy work schedule.

Big Basket assures these types of customers that it will help them create a warm and friendly atmosphere at home by helping them get what they want in a few clicks. 

2. Bargain Hunters

Bargain Hunters

People who love shopping and choose quantity over quality are also the target audience of Big Basket. The company targets bargain hunters who are always on the lookout for promotions, discounted rates, and new offers.

When these types of people see their favorite items at lower rates, they purchase them in bigger quantities. BigBasket offers special offers and discounts to lure these types of people to shop more. 

3. College Students

College Students

Even though college-going students have a smaller purchasing power, BigBasket targets them as they act as a long-term investment for the company in the future. By establishing a relationship with students early on, the company establishes a customer base that is digitally savvy and loyal.

College students are comfortable using online delivery services or apps to shop for groceries. They are developing their grocery shopping habits, meaning they are ready to try new methods of acquiring groceries.

4. Working Professionals

Working Professionals

Working professionals are the prime target audience of BigBasket. They have purchasing power and money and are ready to pay even more if they get the desired services. Since working individuals often do not have time to go to the store to pick up their groceries, they like shopping online.

BigBasket targets such individuals and assures them that it will simplify their grocery shopping experience and make their lives easier. Such people enjoy the ease and flexibility of having their products delivered to their doorstep instead of going out to a store to inspect the product and then purchase it.

5. Women


If you think that makeup and global fashion brands only target women, then you’re wrong. E-commerce stores like BigBasket have a large percentage of female buyers, and it tries its best to keep them happy and satisfied. Women make most buying decisions in their homes.

Women control around 80% of additional spending – including grocery shopping, big items like house insurance, smartphones, business software subscriptions, or buying new furniture.

From what will be cooked for breakfast and dinner to the kind of makeover they want to give to their home, women make all the major decisions. Because of this, BigBasket considers them one of their most valued customers. 

6. Retired Personnel

Retired Personnel

Retired personnel often have some health issues, making them rely on online stores for most of their daily needs. Whether they want medicines on the go or want to stock up on groceries, BigBasket is always eager to serve them.

The best thing about such individuals is that once they like the services of a company, they stick to it for a long time, meaning they become long-term customers. BigBasket believes in making long-term relationships with its customers, and hence, this target segmentation holds great value for it.


BigBasket has become one of the most successful eCommerce companies in India due to its emphasis on making long-term relationships with its customers and offering top-notch services. It has a diverse range of target audiences and tries to build emotional connections with them.

From women to students and retired personnel, BigBasket values all its customers and offers them a seamless shopping experience. Bigbasket’s customer-centric approach is reflected in its friendly customer support team, which resolves issues and addresses inquiries promptly.

It analyzes the behavior of the customer on its website to gain insights into browsing habits, individual preferences, and purchase patterns. This helps the company in developing long-term relationships with its customers.

Whatever your age, interests, or income, you can rely on BigBasket for an enjoyable shopping experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal target group for Big Basket?

Singles, working professionals, corporate couples, retired personnel, and students are the main target audience of Big Basket. The company also targets nuclear households, impulsive buyers, and higher and average-income individuals.

Does Big Basket Target Rural Communities?

BigBasket doesn’t target rural communities as it doesn’t offer its services in these areas. The rural population is uncomfortable using online apps, so BigBasket doesn’t target them. It mainly targets people living in metro cities and urban areas.