What is the limit of Swiggy money?

As we continue to digitize our lives, companies have also started molding their patterns to make it all very accommodating.

One of the companies doing so is Swiggy. With features like Swiggy Money, not only are they making ordering food online easy but also making the payment process very easy.

However, if you are one of those wondering What is the limit of Swiggy money? This article is for you.

In this, we answer that specific question and some other related information. So, let’s dive straight in. 

What Exactly is Swiggy Money?

Swiggy Money is a digital wallet that is a part of the swiggy app. What it basically does is it gives you a wallet where you can keep a certain amount of money and use it to pay for your swiggy deliveries, be it food orders or genie.

This feature makes it very easy for people to carry out hassle-free transactions on the platform, making the whole process very easy. 

What is the Limit for Swiggy Money?

The amount of money that you can hold in your swiggy wallet can be varied. Certain factors come into play when this is happening.

For instance, if a customer has a KYC (Know Your Customer), their swiggy money limit will be different from that of a customer that does not. There are basically two things regarding the limit- 

Minimum KYC Users: These customers have completed their KYC verification. They can store about Rs 10,000 monthly in their swiggy money wallet. Minimum KYC is generally a basic KYC process where you need basic and little documentation.

These often include the customer’s name, contact number, and government ID issues with the number. It will not be a very extensive process.

What is the Limit for Swiggy Money?

Full KYC Users: The other ones are the users who have completed the full KYC process. For this, you need more work.

For instance, you will have to submit some comprehensive documents like government-issued identity proofs, address proofs, photographs, and some other documents.

Any Swiggy money user with a full KYC gets more pers, like a higher balance of Rs. 1,00,000 per month. 

Can I Enhance My Limit?

Yes, it is very easy to enhance the limit for swiggy wallets. If you are a Minimum KYC user, you have to get the full KYC done by providing some additional documents like government-issued identification and necessary details.

With this, your swiggy wallet limit will increase. However, if you are already a Full KYC user, it is not possible for you to increase your limit any further. 

Why is There a Limit on The Swiggy Money Wallet? 

Why is There a Limit on The Swiggy Money Wallet?

There are various reasons why there is a limit imposed on swiggy wallets. There is a combination of regulatory guidelines, security measures, and business decisions that contribute to this limit.

Here are a few reasons why there might be some limits on the swiggy money wallet:

  • Regulatory measures: In many countries, like India, there are regulatory bodies like the RBI. These bodies set limits on digital wallet balances and transitions. This is one of the reasons why there is a limit. Any digital wallet like that of swiggy money has to abide by the regulations and rules proposed by RBI. These guidelines are generally put in place to promote safety and security when carrying out digital transactions. 
  • Fraud Prevention: With everything becoming digital so fast, the chances of risk getting associated with it are also very high. So, to avoid fraudulent activities, there is a limit on the wallet. If ever the user’s account or wallet is compromised, then only smaller amounts of money will be lost, which can also be recovered quickly. 
  • Risk Management: For companies, imposing limits is very important. Having a limit on swiggy money can help the company with its liquidity and manage its operational risks better. In the event of unforeseen challenges, like maybe a technical glitch, these limits act as a buffer. 
  • A better understanding: Swiggy money wallet offers customers higher wallet limits in lieu of complete KYC, and this is a very smart way to incentivize the user. This, in turn, helps them have a better understanding of the user base, aiding the risk management of the company. 
  • Maintaining discipline: A limit on the wallet helps users maintain financial discipline. Keeping a tab on how much money can be stored or transacted ensures that users are more judicious and cautious in their spending. 
  • Technical and Operational considerations: As for the technical and system support, keeping a limit on the wallet makes sure that the system is not overwhelmed by a massive amount of transactions altogether, making the whole operation smoother. 
  • Customer protection: In times when there has been a dispute or a misunderstanding, having defined limits gives more clarity and can protect the service providers and the user from large-scale issues. 
  • All in all, one of the major reasons why Swiggy money wallet has a limit is to ensure balance and flexibility while also making sure that the users are safe and the company is in compliance with governing bodies like RBI. 


With this, we hope you have found the answer to your question: What Is The Limit For Swiggy Money? It varies for different users, and it can be increased by making a few changes.

There are limits in place for these wallets, and they ensure the safety and integrity of the financial ecosystem.

These limits change all the time, with changes in the companies’ policies as they play a vital role in the user experience.