Heat pumps are a stunningly effective home appliance, but despite their popularity, a hoard of myths surrounds their application. In particular, there’s a specific myth about HVAC heat pump systems that won’t seem to end, stating that while these units are efficient in maintaining a cool temperature in your home during a typical fall day or summer, they aren’t as effective when temperatures drop during winters. But is it true?

In reality, this isn’t the case, and to debunk this myth, this post seeks to explain how heat pumps work in the cold and why you should check SPRSUN low temperature heat pumps for the ultimate solution, even when it’s chilly outside, for your comfort.

How Do Heat Pumps operate in the winter?

During warm weather periods, and you’ve set your heat pump unit to a ‘cool setting,’ it operates like a traditional air conditioner or standard refrigerator-subsequently absorbing heat from indoor hot air and dispatching it outside through the fridge piping system.

In the winter season, when you’ve set your unit to ‘heating,’ this whole procedure is reversed: heat pumps can warm your premises by extracting heat from outside and dispatching it indoors. But exactly how can heat pumps absorb heat from outside when it’s freezing? Ideally, even chilly air contains some heat. These HVAC units are uniquely designed to effectively extract even the slightest amounts of heat and convert it into warm, comfy indoor air to generate favorable premise conditions for your family.

The Best Heat Pumps for Cold Climate

The market boasts an assortment of heat pump glossary models. But, only a few specific units can reliably generate heat. Typically, although heat pumps use a similar mechanism to operate, the variance in features and techniques unique to the manufacturers makes all the difference. As you will learn from this post, various functionalities and features make a heat pump effective in a cold climate. Here are two of the best heat pumps for cold conditions

 SPRSUN EVI DC (9.6KW) Inverter Split Heat Pump


Features & Specifications

  • Smart control
  • Excellent low noise feature
  • Intelligent defrosting
  • Voltage range options 330V-450V or (150V-260V)

This SPRSUN heat pump unit is one of the best units for cold settings. It is specifically designed to facilitate proper heating and cooling of your home during chilly conditions, heating domestic use water, and general house warming to stay in your home comfortably.

It has a minimum ambient temperature of -25ºC. This feature is vital in allowing the heater to automatically boost the frequency it’s operating, although it depends on the given ambient temperature. Also, it enhances its capacity to heat when exposed to relatively low temperatures.

This inverter split unit has a unique anti-freeze protection feature that enhances its heating proficiency. Typically, it comprises an indoor element that blows air over its evaporator coil and an exclusive unit that powers the system. With this technology, the unit can detect the system’s water temperature, after which the unique anti-freeze feature automatically starts operating.

The 9.6kW EVI heat pump also boasts fast cooling and heating speeds courtesy of its EVI rotary Panasonic compressor that boosts high-efficiency levels while also ensuring the component operates at high-efficiency levels.

SPRSUN R32 (12KW) ERP A+++  EVI DC Inverter Heat Pumps


Features & Specifications

  • Advanced/Smarter technology
  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Lower GWP
  • Anti-explosion technology for advanced safety
  • Low noise technology

If you want the best ASHP for chilly and cold climates, the 12 KW R32 unit is your best bet. It is a mono-block model that offers reliable heating and cooling functions with a running temperature ranging from -25℃ to 45℃ and a diverse power supply range (380V-420V) or 220V-240V to suit all your heating needs.

This ERP A+++ unit boasts smarter/advanced technology courtesy of its CAREL controller that automatically records temperatures using sensors. These heat pumps come with a WIFI monitoring technology that allows users to liaise with the manufacturer when necessary.

With this unit, you can enjoy lower GWP due to its exclusive R32 refrigerant gas that promotes the effectiveness of DC inverter units hence a smoother and cleaner operation. Essentially, this helps minimize environmental effects due to the reduced carbon emissions.

Finally, this R32 heat pump unit has a low noise operation advantage promoted by unique noise regulation technology. Ideally, it comes with exclusive components that help minimize noise, including superb dual shock absorption from the top-grade Panasonic Compressor. Considering the available options, this unit is among the quietest heat pumps.

Save Energy Costs this winter with the Best SPRSUN Heat Pumps.

While heat pump units and technologies have improved drastically over time, and all units have improved their heating efficiency when cold, SPRSUN heat pumps remain the standard-bearer for chilly condition units. With their radical heating technology, anti-freeze & low noise functionalities, these heating units continue to offer sufficient heat in your premises even when temperatures drop as low as -10° F!