Who doesn’t love Hamptons style homes’ classic, cool, and refined designs blended with casual, breezy, and raw beachy sensations? Hamptons style houses are inspired by the splendour and beauty of a summer house.

Hamptons style homes have become very popular in Australia, particularly in Sydney’s coastal areas, due to a plethora of excellent real estate options, a pleasant temperature, and visuals similar to the actual Hamptons located in Long Island, New York.

What’s So Special About Hamptons Style Homes?

Since the homes in the Hamptons have huge windows that run along the walls and get a lot of light and few neon lights. People who prefer spending time in the sun and open spaces will find the light soothing. The resort atmosphere of the Hamptons residences appeals to those who appreciate living in luxury. The houses are similar to vacation homes that welcome you with open arms and enable you to feel more connected to nature.

The interiors of these homes are fresh, bright, and airy, with a coastal feel that makes you feel at ease as soon as you step in. The interiors of Hamptons homes are often large, with spacious dimensions giving holiday home vibes making gatherings a pleasure.

Hamptons Style Color Themes

Colours used in Hamptons style interiors include neutrals, whites, green, and yellow. Layering several hues of blue, from navy to baby blue, or pairing warmer neutral tones with coastal hues.

  • Neutrals – Neutrals, sand-coloured creamy tones, bleached wood tones, and stained blues in shades of azure, navy, and aqua. This complements a conventional house owner who leans towards creams and pastels for a tranquil, relaxed, and soothing feel.
  • Contrasting colours – For homeowners who like a bit of colour, play with natural light and colour blocking in their Hamptons style homes. With black, blue, and dark grey shades complementing the natural timber tones give a sophisticated and classic feel.
  • Warm Tones – this theme gives more of a feminine feel if paired with florals. However, warmer Coraly tones pair beautifully with a blue ocean backdrop giving a natural, earthy feel to a Hamptons interior.

Characteristics of a Hamptons Style Home

If you are designing a Hamptons style home, always remember to keep it modern, luxurious, and spacious, much like the houses you see in movies and on television. Each part and piece of your house should complement each other and bring the complete look of a Hamptons house together. We are sharing a few key characteristics of a Hamptons style house that will help you through the process.

The Feel

A modern Hamptons design embraces nature. If you are building your home from scratch, include as many large glass windows as possible, frame them with sleek aluminium frames, lacquered timber, and organic window panels.

Outdoor landscapes and magnificent sunlight will pour into your home through huge French doors, louvred glass panels, and huge windows.

Modern Hamptons’ design incorporates a larger spectrum of colours while remaining consistent with the original and natural materials.

Natural and organic materials such as stone, marble, wood, marble, and linen function well in your home’s interiors and exteriors and may be incorporated into furniture, surfaces, and finishes.

The Living Room

The first place a person sees when they enter a home is the living room, and this should have the most impactful and eye-catching interior. Keeping the base simple with more neutrals and whites will allow you to add colour through furniture, cushions, and décor. The essence of Hamptons style is clean proportions and simple designs. To go with a neutral or white colour scheme, choose marble, oak, and ceramic materials to go with a neutral or white colour scheme.

The Bedroom

It’s all about exquisite relaxation in bedrooms that reflect the Hamptons theme. Use natural fabrics for your bedding and furniture covers, such as pure cotton linen. To spend hours lost in literature, choose stylish, soft-cushioned seats like ottomans, single-seat chairs, and couches set poetically beneath huge windows. Always prioritise quality above quantity, but a slew of wonderfully adorned cushions on a luxurious fluffy bed is what the Hamptons style is all about.

The Kitchen

The fundamental thing to keep in mind while constructing your Hamptons kitchen is to avoid getting too caught up in the glitz. Keep it elegant with a lot of whites, wooden floors, and thick wall panels and mouldings.

A classic Hamptons style kitchen features seating right next to a large bay window and a lantern-style chandelier hung over an island bench.

The Bathrooms

Bathrooms should be pleasant, well-lit, and functional, with taps and vanities serving as the bathroom’s star pieces. Bathrooms in the Hamptons are painted in neutral colours such as white, grey, or black and white, with a pop of pastel. Tapware is usually nickel-plated or chrome and has a classic, vintage design. The cabinets and drawers of the vanity are normally customs constructed with a shaker type design.


Choose classical pendant lights for a contemporary Hamptons look. Make sure every room has a range of illuminating sources for warmth, whether it’s standing lamps, hanging overhead lighting, or table lamps.

Industrial-style lamps, such as those constructed of polished metals like copper or steel, fit nicely with the Hamptons aesthetic. Invest in sconces and wall lights to avoid bright, direct lighting since dimmers are excellent for unwinding or romantic evenings.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, add some final touches like mix and match patterns on your cushions or strong lines to complement natural patterns like florals. For a touch of refinement and sophistication, choose high-end decor. Mirrors are popular in Hamptons interiors; however, they should be ornamental or handcrafted in a distinct style. Using woollen and silk rugs together adds an extra feel of luxury and class.

No matter where you live in Australia, near the coast or in the centre of the city, you’ll notice that this style has been sweeping the Australian home design sector for several years.

The Hamptons style defines luxury and wealth and has become extremely popular. With the right knowledge about Hamptons style homes, you can easily build your dream home in Australia.