For many people, some of their fondest childhood memories aren’t toys bought for them; they’re experiences in the homes in which they grew up. While parenting encompasses all types of responsibility, providing a happy and healthy home is a baseline. If you want to take your home to the next level, there are plenty of additions you can make in your home to foster that magical childhood we all want to give to our children. Whether you’re on a small budget or the sky’s the limit with your finances, some upgrades are sure to be a hit with your children, yet tasteful enough to meet your style requirements. Keep reading to learn about easy additions to make to your home that benefit the entire family.


If you’ve been on the fence about installing a greenhouse in your yard, there are several kid-friendly reasons that you should take the plunge. Do you have a picky eater? Studies have shown that when children grow their food, they’re more likely to eat it. Nothing tastes as good or is as healthy as homegrown, so a greenhouse can be a fun activity and a gateway to healthy habits. Greenhouses save your family money in the long run when it comes to the grocery bill, too, and having children can double or triple your grocery bill compared to your childless days. Lastly, growing anything, from fresh produce to flowers, is an educational activity in which the whole family can participate.

Play Couches

You may have had a grandparent or aunt with plastic coverings on their furniture growing up, but these days, parents recognize that children deserve to live in the homes in which they grow up. While you may be daydreaming about the day when you can have a white sofa again, in the meantime, a play couch is an affordable upgrade to your living room. A play couch is a sectional on steroids. These couches are meant to be moved around, climbed on, and rearranged. The sky’s the limit on your children’s imagination as they romp around, make forts and enjoy sleepovers. Play couches come in various options that suit even the most discerning style.

Alexa Games

The latest statistics show that 70% of smart speaker users are using an Amazon device. Whether you have a Show, an Echo, or even a Google Home device, you can easily play Alexa Games at home. Adding these upgrades to your devices can do much more than tell you the weather or play an album your family loves. Tired at the end of a long day? Easy family game night. Working from home and needing a kid-free hour? Tell her to open a game and let your kids enjoy it! Even if your children are at their grandparent’s house for the weekend, enjoy a fun date night with your partner and see who remembers more eighties music with a fun quiz built into the games. The world is your oyster, and all you have to do is ask!

Swing Sets

Swing sets are not just a playground staple; they’re a backyard essential for any family that loves to spend time outdoors. The classic swing set remains a beloved favorite among children of all ages. Enjoy hours of fun swinging back and forth, pushing your kids to new heights, or teaching them how to pump their legs to gain momentum.

Swing sets from companies like Backyard Adventures can also come with additional features like slides, climbing walls, or even a picnic table for added outdoor adventure. Whether it’s a simple two-seater or a multi-activity playset, a swing set in your backyard promises endless fun and laughter, making every day an opportunity to create lasting memories with your family.

Tree Houses

While you likely have memories of a treehouse at home or in a friend’s backyard growing up, they’re less common these days. Maybe parents today are more cautious, and treehouses make them nervous, but chances are, your kids will be fine! Not to mention, treehouses provide an opportunity to create a magical world all their own every time they step outside. Whether your child wants their castles to live in as queen of the kingdom or they’re fighting pirates on their ship, they’ll love their treehouse. Treehouses take time and money to build, but you can be sure they’ll stand the test of time, and your grandchildren will play in them one day.

Upgrades to your home can create a beautiful childhood for your children that will stay with them for a lifetime. The above additions are reasonably affordable and make healthy lasting impacts. Which one will you choose?