Do you know why most people don’t enjoy painting their rooms? If you’re using a basic paintbrush, it feels like it takes forever to finish, and swiping a brush up and down for hours isn’t anyone’s idea of fun.

When you’re using an electric paint sprayer, it’s different. Not only will you get the job done quicker, but it feels more enjoyable in the moment. Let’s look at a few important things you should know before getting started.

1. A Drop Cloth Beats Newspapers

Anyone using a Graco electric paint sprayer who isn’t a professional will mess up. It’s okay to spray paint all over your floor when starting out. Just make sure you have something on the ground to avoid making a mess.

People will sometimes throw old newspapers on the ground because it’s cheap. Sadly, they’ll just get messed up when you walk on them. If you want to do the job correctly, you should invest in a canvas drop cloth.

2. Use The Right Safety Equipment

When you see people painting bedrooms in movies, they’re running around splashing paint on each other for a laugh. You must be a lot more professional when using electric sprayers, which means wearing safety equipment.

Paint is more dangerous when it’s flying towards you at high speed. You will need to wear goggles to cover your eyes, plus a mask to cover your mouth and nose. When using very powerful sprayers, it’s good to cover your skin too.

3. Getting Into A Good Flow State

You should be around one foot away from your wall, plus you should use long sweeping passes. When passing over the same area, there should be a little overlap. You will also need to keep the sprayer parallel.

It’s tough trying to remember all these rules when you’re starting, so practice on an old piece of wood in your garden. It’s worth trying to get into a flow state, which means doing everything effortlessly without thinking.

4. You Shouldn’t Try To Go Too Fast

One of the major benefits of using an electric paint sprayer is the fact you’ll finish quicker, but it’s not a race to paint your room. Don’t increase the pressure so much your paint blasts out of the tip like a rocket.

It’s only going to leave your walls looking less than ideal. When you’re getting started, it’s worth seeing what it’s like at the lowest setting. You can keep increasing it until you find a sweet spot you’re happy with.

5. Keep All Your Equipment Clean

It’s horrible cleaning up after yourself when you’ve been working hard for hours, but you must clean your equipment. If you haven’t finished a room, you’ll need to tackle it the next time you get your sprayer out.

The next coat you apply is going to ruin the work you’ve already done. Once you get used to your electric paint sprayer, you’ll be able to break everything down so you can clean it fast at the end of the day.

It’s Not Worth Using A Brush

If it’s possible to use an electric paint sprayer for a particular job, don’t be afraid to put down your brush and roller.