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An Informative Guide To Buying Luxury Down Comforters For Your Home


There are very few pleasures in life that are as luxurious as getting a good night’s worth of sleep in cold or frigid conditions. Every winter season we are left struggling with our thermostat to raise temperature levels. This struggle becomes far more real during the night when the temperatures drop to sub-zero or freezing levels.

If you have enjoyed great sleep during the winter months, you are most likely to thank your comforter and all the work that it did to keep you comfortable and warm. The best luxury down comforters are warm, soft, fluffy, and last you for many years (ten to fifteen). They are made with natural down that is derived from ducks and geese.

In the last few years, individuals and families are willing to invest in luxurious bedding that can give them a sense of experience, comfort, and longevity so that they can enjoy their food and sleep later. In this resource guide, we are going to shed some warm light on buying luxury down comforters for your home and bedroom. If you are someone contemplating between brands, read till the end of the article.

What is a Luxury Down Comforter?

Luxury down comforter is filled with natural down or goose down. It is warm, light, soft, comfortable, and cuddly. The best ones are breathable and trap air far beyond their actual weight. If you are buying luxury down comforters from a reputed and well-established brand, you can be hopeful that they would last for a very long time if you take good care.

This type of comforter is made from either duck down or goose down. You need to understand that goose down is a tad bit more expensive than duck down because it is rarer to harvest and procure. That is not to say that duck downs are any less significant. Most individuals look at go for duck downs since it is more on the affordable side of things.

When it comes to luxury down comforters, you need to look at the following important points-

  1. Whether or not it has been marked hypoallergenic or not
  2. How lightweight, breathable and durable it is
  3. The type of down that has been used in the construction
  4. Machine-wash ready or requires any special washing care
  5. RDS or Responsible Down Standard certified

Make sure that you are paying attention to the above-mentioned five points when deciding on which comforter you are going to buy.

Understanding the Fill Power in Luxury Down Comforters

If you have been doing your research on luxury down comforters, you would have come across a term- Fill Power while you sleep or just slip-in to watch a movie or binge-watch your favorite show.

In very simple terms, fill power relates to the kind of space the comforter is likely to take up. In other words, if the fill power of a comforter is very high, its natural heating capabilities will also be on the higher side. You need to understand that there is a difference between the fill power and the weight of the comforter.

Higher fill power does not necessarily mean that the comforter will be heavy. In industry circles, fill power is directly proportional to the quality levels of the comforter. This is also something that commands the price.

Luxury down comforters that have higher fill power are able to trap more air and demonstrate better insulating abilities. The following are the standards when it comes to fill power-

1. Good Fill Power-

If the fill power of the comforter is between 500 to 550, it means that it is marked as good. These are your more affordable comforter options that help promise good warmth and heat at cost-effective prices. Most homes and families settle for Good Fill Power.

2. Better Fill Power-

When the fill power ranges between the 600-650 range, it becomes classified or categorized as better. You get an exceptionally great lift, volume, and insulation. This is great for regions where temperatures drop to sub-zero levels and stay that way for months.

3. Best Fill Power-

The most luxurious of all comforters is the one that has a fill power in the range of 700-750. This is where you will get the best Hungarian Goose Down. The loft is out of this world and provides an almost seven-star-like experience when you sleep.

The Bottom Line

Comforters that have great fill power are not inexpensive. However, you need to measure the price according to the quality you are getting on offer. In some European societies, exceptionally well-crafted comforters are passed down as heirlooms from one generation to another. That is how good they are.

When buying a luxury down comforter, focus on the brand, its history, the type of down you are going for along with carefully scrutinizing the fill power. If you have any specific questions, that we can help you with, please let us know in the comments section below. We would be more than happy to aid and assist you in your buying process.

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