If you own a pool, do you clean its filter on a regular basis? Avoiding this task can translate into dirty water and higher costs. Fortunately, cleaning a pool filter doesn’t have to consume your weekends where even the vivint doorbells can’t disturb you.

Keep reading to find a quick guide on how to clean your pool filter!

Understand the Benefits of Cleaning a Pool Filter 

Removing leaves, twigs, or other debris from your pool might seem like an obvious task. But did you know that dust and bacteria can lurk within your pool? This is why it’s critical to know how to clean a pool filter.

If you neglect to clean a pool filter, you put more responsibility on chemicals to keep the water clean. Reach out to pool maintenance professionals like those at if you need help ensuring that your pool is clean and running efficiently.

Determine What Type of Filter You Have

Not all pools have the same filter, so start by figuring out which one you have in your owner’s manual. Sand and cartridge filters are among the easier ones to clean. If your pool uses D.E. filters, you’ll need more specialized cleaning chemicals.

When should you clean a pool filter during the summer months? Seeing cloudy or murky water is one telltale sign. Another is a high PSI (pounds of force per square inch) reading, which indicates your filter is dirty and inefficient.

Gather the Right Tools 

Tools will vary depending on what type of filter you have. Plan on getting some safety goggles to protect your eyes if using chemicals. Keep the pool manual nearby, too!

Generally, you’ll need items like a backwash hose, which moves dirty water from your pool. You’ll also need lubricant for the rubber inside the tank and a garden hose to clean the filter. Plus you’ll need the recommended cleaner for your particular filter.

Learn How to Clean Your Pool Filter Properly

The steps you take to clean a pool filter vary depending on the filter. But to get started, always turn off the pump. And you’ll need to backwash your filter with sand and D.E. filters.

You also should check the filter and attachment points to ensure there are no cracks or signs of decay. From there, consult the owner’s manual to know how long you need to soak the filter in the cleaning solution. Also, see if you need to turn on the pump to help with cleaning, and determine where to apply lubricant.

Make Pool Maintenance Part of Your Routine

Aside from cleaning pool walls and measuring pH levels, filter cleaning should be part of regular pool maintenance. Sand and cartridge filters should be assessed every six months right around the time when you reset your thermostat.

Plan on cleaning D.E. filters each month, and set aside a little more time to do so. You’ll also need more room in your budget since these are pricier filters. On the plus side, they yield the cleanest pool water!

Follow These Pool Filter Cleaning Tips

When you know how to clean your pool filter, you can enjoy a safe dip in the pool and extend your pool’s life. You won’t need to rely on chemicals to keep the water clean. And you’ll be able to prevent costlier issues down the road.

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