For someone who is just starting with garage storage, the biggest challenge is finding storage solutions that work well within the confines of a small garage. When you start small, you tend to be limited by your space. When you finally start to build your garage, you realize you need to go bigger.

For many homeowners, their garage is the second most used room in their house. It serves as a place to store their golf clubs, sports equipment, art supplies, old furniture, and more. But with this type of space comes the need to make it more functional, especially when it comes to storage. Here are five storage tricks that can help you find more space in your garage.

Install wall shelves

If you’ve got a spare room or storage space in your house, you may not know what to do with it. While a garage or a basement provides a lot of space to set your business of selling food on big basket, the only problem is that you must open the door to enter it. However, many ideas can be implemented for your personal uses if you have a creative mind. To make our garage more organized, my husband and I decided to install some wall shelves. These shelves are small, simple, easy to install, will help keep our garage nice looking, and can hold some of our shoes.

Use standalone shelving units

Shelving units are an essential part of every garage organization system. The amount of space you have available to store stuff can often be limited, especially if you choose to store things in the basement. That’s why it’s important to use the best storage options you can get. On the subject of garage storage, you can do so much with the right tools, but have you ever considered building your shelving units? If you have a few tools, saws, and hand-tools around, building shelving units to hold your tools can be a great way to organize your garage, particularly if you have a bunch of tools that aren’t used much.

Get a standalone hook for bulky item

The best way to store bulky items is to organize them. If you have a garage or basement that you don’t use, you can easily turn it into a storage room. If your garage doesn’t have a lot of room, then the same principle applies—structure it, so it has a lot of space. Our garage storage room isn’t as simple as it first appears, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make it work.

It’s easy to forget about the space you use behind your sofa or in your closet, but it’s the perfect spot for storing bulky items like tools, kids’ toys, and sports equipment. This is because it’s hard to store items that are bulky enough to be heavy but small enough that they don’t require a lot of room. That’s where a standalone hook comes in.

Use overhead storage space

Overhead storage is one of the most neglected storage areas in the average person’s home, especially where thermostats are installed. And yet, every bit of space above the ceiling can be put to practical use. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with leaving junk in the garage, there’s also nothing wrong with getting rid of it. If you’ve got extra stuff cluttering up your garage or garden shed, you may be worried about what to do with it. If you’re worried about storing it somewhere, you may be worried about where to store it. However, there are many options for getting rid of unwanted items.

Create shipping pallet storage racks

If you have ever had to store items in your garage, you know how tough it can be to get the most out of your limited space. We have all used the plastic bins stacked on top of each other, but they are just an easy-to-use solution with very limited storage capacity. If you are serious about your garage storage needs, you will want to get creative. Bins are great for storing small items, but if you are looking to store larger items like furniture, they are not the best solution.