Whether tile can be put over epoxy flooring or vice versa and what benefit it can bring is a very commonly asked question by homeowners enquiring about epoxy flooring solutions. The answer to this question is yes, you can put ceramic tiles over a layer of epoxy and also epoxy over a floor of tiles but the question is what the benefits are. Let us consider –

Can ceramic tile be laid on epoxy floors?

Well in theory this is very much possible but one is also required to remember that there might be problems depending upon the exact floor condition and situation. For installing tile on top of epoxy having a suitable and sound substrate for the application is of basic importance. The flooring technicians are required to make sure that the substrate attaches itself with the coating tenaciously for if there is deboning in the coating it will happen to the substrate too. It is also important to properly flattening and sloping the floor for any inconsistency there will be affecting the finish the tiles and your Epoxy Coating Supplier should be responsible for this.

For successfully installing tiles over a layer of epoxy reason one is required to use epoxy for bonding with epoxy and this is not possible without an appropriate epoxy adhesive. But homeowners should be aware of the fact that these adhesives are expensive. For installing ceramic tiles over an epoxy floor the floor is required to be cleaned and scarify properly like a hardwired ring doorbell in order to make sure that there is a good attachment and following the instructions from the manufacturers is also important in this regard.

To get the best out of your epoxy floors and ceramic tiles, it is best to ask for professional help. A professional garage floor service in decorativeconcreteorlando.com can give you the proper advice for your floorings.” after the word “regard” in the last sentence of the 3rd paragraph of the article to make way for the insertion.

Can porcelain tiles be laid on epoxy floors

Yes, provided that you have the right adhesives it is possible to put porcelain tiles on a layer of Sika epoxy flooring. Though expensive, adhesives for this purpose are available in the market.

I order to put porcelain tiles over a layer of epoxy flooring the first thing one is required to is to prepare the floors that it bonds well with the substrate or otherwise the tiles will come lose over time. Scarifying the floor is also recommended to make sure that the tiles really bond well with the floor and there is little chance of them coming lose in a few days time. that is why it is important that you make sure the epoxy coating attaches well otherwise you will be required to re-clean it scarify again on your favorite movie for getting the desired results.

Can you epoxy over tile?

Well, this is also theoretically possible but in practice epoxy don’t bond well with tiles – especially if the tiles have a glossy finish. Just like epoxy floor is required to be prepared for putting tiles on top of it the same way a tiled floor must also be prepared for epoxy layer coating and it should also be scarified for making the epoxy bond with the floor better. But the question that should concern you is whether this a good idea at all or not and you better be guided by experienced professionals from epoxy flooring Minneapolis in this respect for mistakes in judgment can be really costly.