Did you know that around 80% of houses in the United States need remodeling and improvement because they are at least 20 years old?

While the focus tends to stay on interior projects, your home’s exterior is just as important.

If you’ve been neglecting your outdoor space with neon lights, it’s time to change that. Your yard deserves a new lease on life.

Keep reading to learn how to give your home an outdoor makeover.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting to your current landscape does wonders for remodeling. What might seem like a trivial component can actually make your space feel brand new.

There are various types of outdoor lighting methods on the market. You’ll be able to find a design that fits the ambiance of your outdoor area.

You can get even more creative with this idea by adding a sound system that connects to the lighting. This is a great solution for those who enjoy hosting outdoor parties at their homes.

Use Your Green Thumb

Add some color to your outdoor makeover to instantly make it stand out. The best way to do this is by planting beautiful blooms around your patio, deck, or porch.

You can choose your favorite flowers or plants, or try creating a vegetable garden.

Buy planters and flowers that match the color palette of your outdoor space. If you don’t have a green thumb, Imperial Landscaping can do the lawn care work for you.

Update Your Porch or Deck

One of the most common outdoor makeover ideas is to update a porch or deck where you can enjoy food from your favorite restaurant. This doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars replacing old boards. Instead, consider a good cleaning to make your space look better.

You can also add a fresh coat of paint to give the outside area a new look.

For an outdoor patio makeover, you’ll need to consider the furniture you have. If it is old or outdated, buy new pieces that match the rest of your new, stylish yard. You can also add new accessories to make the space cozy.

Hook Up an Outdoor Kitchen

If you have quite a large budget for an outdoor home makeover and love to entertain, hooking up an outdoor kitchen is a great idea!

It’s ideal for entertaining guests but can become a second living space for you and your family.

If you are working with a slightly smaller budget, start with a simple bar. You can build a dry bar that requires no sink or plumbing. This will become the central hub for entertaining in your backyard.

It’s Time for an Outdoor Makeover!

Summer is around the corner so there is no better time to give your home an outdoor makeover.

Whether you want to be the spot for entertaining or prefer an outdoor space for you and your family, consider this guide. Add ambient lighting, plant flowers, update your deck, and hook up an outdoor kitchen!

No matter your budget, there is something for you to try.

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