How can something so essential be such an eyesore? We’re talking about that AC unit that’s not just taking up space on your patio but has also managed to be the center of attention in an unwanted way. So, let’s fix that with some design tips and some mechanical knowledge.

Things to Consider Before Hiding Your Outdoor Air Conditioner

Yes, you’re itching to cover it up, but you also have to know that we can’t do anything to your AC unit that will hinder it from functioning at its best without any requirement of resetting it like your honeywell thermostats. For this reason, here are some things you need to put some thought into:

Make Room for AC Maintenance

Your AC needs some TLC as much as you do. You know the drill: There are the cleaners, and there’s room for troubleshooting for emergency purposes. With this, your unit should still be easily accessible for any needed AC repairs and regular checks.

Ventilation Is Key

An overheating AC unit can be prevented if you give it enough room to breathe so that it also helps in keeping your house cool, as well. This means that nothing should be blocking the airflow around your AC.

Create a Cool, Shady Space

Your AC is the cooling unit of your house. You wouldn’t want it to be under direct sunlight so that it can do its job well and last longer. Covering it up will also create problems in airflow, so you need to find a way where it isn’t under direct heat but also has enough room.

Ways You Can Hide an Air Conditioner Unit Outside

So, how do we go about finding that sweet spot for your AC unit to last longer, perform at its best, and still not be an eyesore to you or your guests? There are several ways, but we’ve listed down some of the best design hacks below:

Hide with Artificial Ivy Plants

A rustic design that will help you address your problem is to get some artificial ivy plants that provide enough coverage while not hindering anything that might be needed for AC maintenance.

Since they’re artificial, maintaining them is as close to zero effort. If your patio or backyard also has actual plants or a garden, they’ll easily camouflage with the rest of your plant babies.

Hide with a Modern Outdoor AC Cover

It’s tough to look for a built or ready-made outdoor AC cover that will perfectly fit your spot. However, if you’re willing to either put in the necessary woodwork or know someone who can do the job well, it’s great to have an outdoor AC cover that is multifunctional.

Some modern outdoor AC covers can range from seats to a lattice planter or even to a whole picket fence. Just make sure not to forget the necessary things about airflow, shade, and space that your unit will need.

Before you approach the problem this way, the best thing to do is check with your AC manufacturer about the required measurement for space that the unit will need for airflow not to be obstructed. Once you have your numbers, you can get on with the project.

Hide with a Shabby Chic Shutter Screen

If you’re not up to doing some DIY woodwork, then purchasing a shutter screen with a chic design that works with your patio’s aesthetics will also do the job. Setting it up will be much easier than building your cover.

Additionally, the right design can elevate the look and feel of your backyard, and you can also hang more succulents on them and use the vertical space for more decorative ideas.

Hide with an Outdoor Privacy Screen

If your unit is in your backyard and you have a much bigger space, then getting an outdoor privacy screen is an upgrade from a simple shutter screen.

These can go to a full outdoor swing from just a mere vertical planter, so that’s something to consider as you have more space to work with.

Hide with a Wooden Cover

Some wooden planks, a nail, and a trusty hammer–three simple items to build a simple and effective cover for your unit and won’t require full woodworking training to assemble. If you’re feeling extra, you can color the planks up to match your yard with your movie choices.

There’s a sweet spot between functional and fun, and it is possible to work your way with things that seem to occupy space and be able to use that space again for a different purpose. Buckle up and prep for that project waiting in your backyard!