As with any part of the construction process, there are a lot of parts to building a house and each part can be tricky to buy and figure out. When your only option to get lumber take offs is from a local lumber yard or a lumberyard that has in-house storage, saving money is all about being strategic about your purchases. This is especially true when it comes to a major undertaking like building a home. Buying lumber in bulk is an easy way to cut costs and will save you a lot of work in the long run.

There are many tips you can follow to save on lumber for building a house that are detailed below, so keep reading to find out some of the best tips for how to save money on lumber!

Buy it when the price is lowest.

Most people buy their lumber when the prices are lower than they are when the lumber is full price. The only way to know when the price of lumber is going to be lower than it was when the lumber was full price is to wait until the price is at rock bottom and then make a purchase.

So, wait for the week that shows the lower prices and buy at that time. The only caveat to this tip is to wait until the lumber is at rock bottom. If the wood is not at rock bottom when you buy it, you might not get the lowest price possible.

Take advantage of the discount seasons.

Many lumber-selling companies show you the discounted seasons in which they sell their lumber. These are when they make the most money off their lumber. If you can find the sale price for a large amount of lumber for a given time, then you are very likely to be able to save money.

When you know when the sale is happening, you can try to time your orders so that you get a discount just like you get a discount by using the Sodexo card on the big basket, and you can keep an eye out for new sales that might save you even more money.

Use lumber that’s close to being sold out.

If you want to buy a lot of lumber, it’s a good idea to wait until it’s close to being sold out. Lumber is the one material that sells out quickly, so you will usually have to wait to buy it until it’s nearly out of stock. If you buy lumber at the beginning of the season, then it’s unlikely that there will be any left over at the end of the season.

You can keep an eye out for a lumber sale that the company is advertising. That way you can try to time your order so that you buy as much as you can when the price is at its lowest.

Buy lumber that is not quite perfect.

If you buy lumber at the start of the season, then you will most likely pay a lower price for the lumber than you would at the end of the season. You can take advantage of this when you are planning on building a wooden deck. Instead of buying lumber that is perfect and wants to be milled to the exact specifications of your decking lumber, buy a random two-by-four from the back of the lot.

It will likely be at a lower price and you will still have enough lumber to build your deck. Then, once your deck is completed, you can choose to use the lumber that is perfect and plan on paying for it. If you do choose to use the “random lumber” instead of planning it to exact specifications, then the lumber will most likely look imperfect on the deck because it hasn’t been milled to exact specifications. The deck will still look good though because you are using the irregular lumber that it came from.

Buy lumber that has been treated.

If you are planning to build a wooden deck, then you might want to wait until the next season to purchase lumber. The lumber will be more expensive in the winter, so you’ll save money by buying it early in the season. If you use a pressure treated lumber, then you can avoid treating your lumber by purchasing untreated lumber.

It’s common knowledge that untreated lumber doesn’t last as long as treated lumber. So, if you’re building a deck that will last for ten years or more, then untreated lumber may not be your best choice.


In conclusion, if you do the research and take the time to go to several lumberyards, you will likely find the lumber that will meet your needs and within your budget. Of course, you should never pay more than what’s included on a site. That said, with a bit of planning, you can save big. By going through a long building process and keeping a good budget, you can take great care of your home and ultimately keep your money in your pocket.