There’s no feeling like a casino night with friends. You get to have fun, share some banter, and ultimately compete to see who’s the best at poker, blackjack, and all the other classic casino games.

However, if you don’t want to go to a land-based casino (and would rather host your own casino night instead) then you’re going to need a suitable games room with all the right casino equipment. Otherwise, the night will be a flop!

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to do this:

Include a PC or Tablet

These days, many games rooms include tech equipment, such as PCs and tablets. The reason for this is so that people can play casino games online rather than relying on physical casino sets and equipment.

So, by adding a PC or tablet to your games room, you and your friends will have the perfect source for playing casino games online. Video poker? Slots? Roulette? All of these games are easy to access online. All you need is the top rated online casino USA, and you’re ready to go.

Ideally, you should use a device with a large screen. Or, you can connect your smartphone to a Bluetooth monitor (such as your TV) so that everyone can see the action more clearly.

Add a Speaker for the Music

All casinos play music in the background. It helps to create a fun and immersive experience while also adding some class to the occasion.

Knowing this, it’s a good idea to add a speaker to your games room so that you can play some casino-themed music in the background. This way, it will make everyone feel like they’re actually in a real casino!

Use a Spacious Table

For games like poker and blackjack, you’ll need a spacious table with enough room for players to gather around in chairs. If not, everybody will be stood around awkwardly, which isn’t any fun. Also, make sure to cover your table with a fabric poker mat for extra realism.

Additional Furniture

In addition to a table, don’t forget to include additional furniture, from couches to floor bags. This allows people more options to sit and relax when they’re taking breaks.

For example, if you’re in the middle of a game of poker and someone has to fold, they can get up and go and relax on the couch.


Lastly, make sure to get the lighting right.

As you’re playing at night, it’s a good idea to use a smart light bulb. You can control these types of bulbs with your smartphone; altering the tone and color whenever you like.

Custom game room ideas don’t have to be expensive or elaborate – a simple, well-designed space can be just as effective. The most important thing is to create a space that’s comfortable and inviting, where you and your friends can enjoy spending time together.

When your friends arrive, ask them what color they want the room to be, and you can change it accordingly!