If you don’t have innovative felt tiles lining your walls at home, then it’s easy to get a little disorganized. Juggling so many different tasks and responsibilities, we all struggle to stay organized. But when you do manage to find an effective organization strategy that works for you, then you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make. A better organized life can make you more efficient, minimize the stress in your life, and help you get more done. And once you’ve finally gotten organized (and found a system that works) it tends to be easier to stay this way.

Here, we’re taking a closer look at the importance of organization for your daily life. To help you get started, we offer some quick and convenient tips to help you get organized at home this summer—and throughout the rest of your year. Because a better organized life should be lived throughout your entire year.

Looking for a few quick, easy, and convenient ways to get your home more organized this summer? Keep reading for some of our tips that you can easily utilize, and in a few days, you may not even recognize your new, organized living space.

1. Break out your label maker:

okay, you don’t necessarily need an actual label maker, but you get the idea. To get started with your organization goals, it can help to clearly label your items or areas for organization. When everything has a clear home, it’s that much easier to ensure it winds up in the right place. For example: label those junk drawers in the kitchen so that you actually know where to find some of your smaller items.

2. Divide and conqueror your tasks:

If just getting started feels overwhelming, it might help to break down your overall organization strategy into smaller steps and tasks. One useful method is to break it down by room or section of your home. Looking to get organized this summer? Maybe start with the garage. Once this space is cleaned up, you can move on to your next project.

3. Use a calendar:

Sometimes, adding in deadlines or mapping out your goals on a calendar can be helpful. Use a calendar at home to set goals for when you’ll tackle or complete certain organizational tasks. Having a calendar that’s highly visible in your home, like in the kitchen, can be a great way to stay motivated and to keep organization at the forefront of your mind.

4. Say goodbye to unused items:

Let’s face it, over the years, we’ve all compiled some old items that we simply don’t use anymore. Instead of letting all that junk build up in your garage or attic along with thermostats (or worse, your living room), why not add in some late spring cleaning this summer by throwing out your unused items? For many people, this is actually the quickest way to get started on your organizational journey. Once you have ab better idea of what you actually want to keep, then you can begin figuring out where it all should go and how you should store these items.

5. Break out those containers:

It’s amazing what a small little container can really do for your organizational needs. Break out those containers or go by some new ones to help you get those smaller items organized. This can also be ideal for quickly getting your pantry in order. Use eye-catching containers that match your décor so you’ll be proud to show them off in your home.

6. Use felt wall tiles:

If you’re looking for a way to get organized while also adding some beautiful color and design to your walls, then look no further. When it comes to getting organized, the problem for many people is one of space. What happens if I simply don’t have enough space for everything I use? Well, if you’re at this conclusion even after following tip #5, then maybe it’s time to look to your walls for help.

A popular interior décor option, felt wall tiles are easy to install to any wall throughout your home or office. They can help you get organized due to the unique PET felt material that lets you pin small items to the surface of the felt. Pin up photos, reminders, notes, to-do lists, or any other small item to aid in your organization and to make these items more visible. On top of that, these colorful felt tiles come in a range of colors, patterns, and shapes to suit your specific needs and taste.

7. Make it a habit:

Once you’ve started organizing, don’t call it quits too early. Make organization a habit in your home so that the mess won’t pile up again. Bring in the whole family to lend a hand so that organization can even be fun.


After years of letting things pile up and finding your home a little more disorganized each day, it can seem almost impossible to finally get it all together. But this doesn’t mean you should give up hope. Most people are shocked to find out just how easy it is to get your home (and life) organized. If you’re hoping to get started organizing your home, then this list is where you want to begin.

To get your home organized this summer, start small and tackle your project room by room or task by task. Utilize containers and other storage items to make your organization look good—and don’t forget to throw any your unused items to clear up some space inside. If you find you still need space in your home, consider adding a felt board to your walls. Ideal for any room in your house, felt wall tiles are easy to install, pinnable for small items, and come in a range colors and patterns to fit your style.