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Have you ever looked at a house from afar and thought, ‘If only it was properly cared for, it would have looked so much better’? Sadly, many properties age fast or look older than their actual age because of poor maintenance. Not only does it take away from the beauty of the place, but a lack of proper cleaning and repair can quickly diminish its value.

One of the most undesirable results of poor maintenance is stains. Big or small, stains can easily add years to the property. They reduce the vibrance of the surfaces and make the house look untidy even after cleaning. Imagine if the stains were in your driveway where they’re easily visible from a street point of view. Your curb appeal can decrease drastically and affect your property value as well.

With this in mind, this article will take you on a quick driveway cleaning 101 and give tips to improve your curb appeal in this area. Continue reading to learn more!

DIY driveway cleaning

Like any other part of the house, your driveway also needs regular cleaning. You can do this with common cleaning tools, such as a broom or a manual sweeper, or using a garden hose and a floor brush. Regular sweeping can either be weekly or bi-weekly, depending on how busy your driveway is or how exposed it is to dry leaves and other debris.

Sweeping or brushing may seem too simple for driveway cleaning, but when you do it regularly, you can prevent dirt and debris from piling up and forming stains. In a way, quick yet frequent cleaning can be the best protection you can give to this part of your house. You’ll not just keep the area clean, but you’ll also notice any signs of discoloration or damage early on.

Your driveway may also require special cleaning and maintenance, depending on the season. For instance, there may be more leaves and debris to clean up after autumn, so your driveway will need more attention during this period. Meanwhile, you’ll also need to clear it of salts and de-icing chemicals after winter.

The choice of whether to DIY or call professional cleaners such as H&N Cleaning Services is also up to the homeowner. However, some scenarios would require the tools and expertise of cleaning companies. For this reason, it’s also wise to know what kind of stain you’re dealing with and when you need expert help.

Addressing driveway stains and damage

Stains are usually caused by oil and grease accumulation, though rust or mold and mildew are also common culprits. If the oil and grease stains are still fresh and yet to harden, you can lift them off the surface through absorbent materials such as kitty litter or sawdust. On the other hand, power washing and chemical cleansers are your best bet if the stains have been there for some time.

Rust stains can also be removed using kitchen items like baking soda and lemon juice. Meanwhile, you can use vinegar or bleach for mold and mildew. However, you’ll also need commercial products or power washers for bigger, deeper stains.

Front of a nice house

If you don’t have the time, materials, or tools to manage and deal with stains, consider working with professional cleaners. This is also a good approach if your home’s driveway needs power washing, sealing, and repair. You can benefit from expert cleaning skills, industrial-strength cleaning agents, and power equipment to keep your driveway fresh and in good condition.

Driveway and curb appeal ideas

Besides regular cleaning, maintenance, and repair, you can also capitalize on your driveway to give your curb appeal a boost. For instance, you can add bollards or path lights to illuminate the area. By doing so, your clean, well-maintained driveway will be highlighted and attract attention from a street point of view. You’ll also brighten up the place at night, improving security and safety.

Another way to beautify your driveway is by giving it a neat border using pavers, cobblestones, or greenery. A border can help accentuate the section and give your exterior a polished look. On the practical side, you can also keep grass and weeds off your driveway.

In Summary

Cleaning and maintaining your driveway goes a long way in keeping your property attractive and valuable. That said, it’s only fitting to dedicate time and resources to cleaning, repairing, and updating its look every now and then. Hiring professional help is also a wise investment towards keeping your house looking as good as new and restoring your driveway to its former glory!