Planning and hosting parties is fun, but preparing a casino party is beyond exciting. You can find inspiration, ideas, and tools everywhere. Nowadays, the selection of real money games, including high RTP ( return to player ) ones players enjoy in an online casino, is beyond impressive. In addition, casinos offer a fast payout option, making the gambling experience unforgettable. Our team shares casino party tips, top games and other advice. Let’s start planning.

Best Payout Casino Games for Home Party

The choice of games in casinos is fantastic. But, when planning a party, ensure you’re selecting the best online casino. Choosing the right platform is easy, mainly when relying on CA best paying operators provided by experts that offer nothing but greatness on every level. They feature high payout casino games, obviously, with the highest RTP rates. It shows the average amount of money a casino game returns to players over time. For example, if game RTP is 96%, for every $100 spent betting, you’ll get $96 back.

Blackjack 95-99 %

It’s the most popular table casino game. The goal is simple. Players try beating the dealer by getting counts close to 21, not going over. This fast-paced game has variations. Every form features an interesting twist that makes it engaging.

Video Poker 95-98 %

Video poker is an ideal mixture of a slot game and poker. RTP is similar to Blackjack. All variations are interesting. Most casinos offer different versions created by top-best software developers. Based on the 5-draw version, the game is fast, fun, and rewarding.

Online Slots 90-99 %

A casino party without online slots would be a miss. Fortunately, the selection of real money casinos offering great slot games and high payouts is beyond fantastic. These casino games are simple. They represent the perfect option for every Canadian player, new or experienced. They rely on luck, not knowledge. RTP varies from 90 % to 99 %. Finding the best payout slot is easy. The highest payout slots are listed below:

  • Ugga Bugga
  • Mega Joker
  • Book of Dead
  • Carnival Cash
  • Rainbow Riches

Baccarat 95-99 %

Played with six to eight decks of cards, Baccarat is a fun and fast game. Four cards are dealt. The player gets first and third. Banker receives second and fourth. One closer to 9 is the round winner. With pretty high RTP and many strategies to be applied, Baccarat is an excellent option for a casino-themed party.

Roulette 94-99 %

Roulette has several forms, including American, European, French, and Mini. Each version has different rules. Thus, RTP varies as well. It’s relatively easy. Place bets on numbers and colors, or choose a straight or inside bet. With plenty of betting options, the Roulette wheel will keep the party going.

Craps 93-98.5 %

The party deserves great game choices, including a fun dice game like Craps. The game has simple rules. You’ll bet whether the dice will pass the line (landing on 7 or 11) or won’t pass (landing on 2, 3 or 12). All reputable high casino payout sites offer the game.

How To Throw The Perfect Casino Party

Hosting the perfect casino party is simple. Focus on vital things, and expect success. The list of tips is below. Follow them, and everything will be quickly and effortlessly figured out. Let’s start exploring the steps.

Choose a Real Money Casino with a Big Variety of Games

When throwing a casino party, the selection of games for real money are an important factor. You’ll find the highest RTP slots and table games when you choose a casino. It’s essential to play casino online for real money in Canada only on reputable platforms. Such platforms offer fantastic wins besides their safety and security. In addition, they offer games created by the best software developers.

Bites to Keep The Party Going

Playing any casino game requires energy and focus, especially during a party. Thus, focus on the menu. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Buffet-style option is excellent. Simple yet delicious food that guests can quickly eat is ideal. You’ll avoid mess and formal dining. Consider what your guests love to drink and add such drinks to the bar.

Don’t Forget Adding Some Glamour

With some simple and affordable party supplies, decorations can be spectacular. The options are endless. From casino-themed signs and balloons to the giant deck of cards or dice, some flashing lights and an on-point food setup, any room will become Las Vegas. When gambling sessions start, a casino-like feeling will be around. Guests will enjoy it!

Add the Beat to the Equation

Turn the music on! The classic options, such as Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley, are great for starters, as people arrive. When everyone gathers, add the beat. Having an organized playlist is excellent. But feel free to change and mix styles and satisfy the guests’ wishes. Hiring a DJ or a band will be amazing if the budget allows you.

Dress for Success

Turn your casino party into an instant success with a proper game night dress code. Plus, your guests can wear formal attire or dress up like they are in a James Bond movie. Choose any theme. Remember, limits aren’t there. Be creative. Let your ideas flow!

Final Thoughts

Gambling nights with friends are fantastic. Hosting a game, the casino-themed party is simple. Follow the tips shared here, and fun times are guaranteed. Focus on best payout casinos only. They have the top game selection, excellent overall terms and conditions, and generous bonuses. In addition, they provide safety and security to the players, meaning guests will enjoy themselves. With great music, food, decorations, and attire, everyone will have a blast. Playing any game brings multiple chances to win real cash. Have fun!