Patio Doors: 4 Crucial Considerations

Your outdoor living space can totally transform the way you live your life on a daily basis. Your garden is a place to relax, socialize, exercise and even work. Many people don’t think too much about the doorways that lead from your inside space to your outdoor areas.

But getting your patio doors right can actually have a huge impact on the use and enjoyment of the outdoors. Here’s more on the key considerations you need to take on board to choose the ideal patio doors for you.

You probably didn’t realize there is real art and expertise that goes specifically into patio door design. There are experts out there who have refined their craft to specialize in this area of work. The expertise they bring together is vast – carpentry, engineering, art and design all go into door design.

Trends in patio door styles have changed over the decades. As with any kind of design, this usually reflects broader trends in society, and the ways that people choose to live in their homes. Previously, patio doors have been much more about functionality and security.

It wasn’t unusual for someone to have a single, glass-less door leading from the side or back of their house to their garden. These doors were designed to be tough – with nothing much about aesthetic appeal going into the design!

However, in the last ten years or so, the trend of indoor-outdoor living has gone through the roof. People have the entire ground floor floorplan of their homes mixed up to create large, open-plan living spaces.

These tend to have huge windows so people can see their outdoor spaces much better. And of course, this also means that patio doors have become more important.

Modern patio door designs make the most of natural light, scenic views, and seamless transitions. Materials and styles include traditional wood-framed, contemporary aluminum and glass sliding doors, and even reclaimed and upcycled shiplap and shipping container metals!

Advances in technology mean you can also get highly energy-efficient doors that maintain temperature stability.

You may be ready to embrace indoor-outdoor living in your home. Or perhaps your patio doors just need a bit of an upgrade. But what are the crucial considerations you need to make to make the right choice for your space?

Patio doors can be expensive (although totally worth the investment) and you definitely don’t want to make a mistake when choosing. Here are four things to keep in mind when you are patio door shopping.

1. Consider the Space for Opening and Closing Doors

Consider the Space for Opening and Closing Doors

One of the first considerations when choosing patio doors is the amount of space available for their operation. Not all doors require the same amount of space around them to open or close efficiently. For instance, traditional hinged doors may not be the best option for smaller spaces, as they require enough clearance to swing open fully.

On the other hand, sliding doors or bifold doors can be ideal for compact areas since they need minimal space for operation. Bifold doors, however, while great for creating a wide opening and connecting indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly, do require space to fold back and may not be suitable for very narrow areas.

2. Decide Between Seamless Views or Artistic Craftsmanship

Early on in your patio door shopping process, you’ll need to decide whether your style is more about seamless views, or having a little craftsmanship on show. It’s a tough choice, but you’ll have to be brave! The reality is, you can’t really get both in patio doors.

Bifold doors offer an almost uninterrupted view of your outdoor space when opened, creating a seamless flow between the interior and exterior of your home. This option is perfect for those who prioritize natural light and want to maximize their connection with the outside.

On the other hand, RealCraft French doors add a touch of elegance and an artisan quality to your home. They might not provide as wide an opening as bifold doors, French doors have amazing aesthetic appeal and architectural character.

3. Prioritize Energy Efficiency and Insulation Properties

Here’s another reason to make good decisions with your patio doors – it will save you lots of money! Some doors offer incredible energy efficiency. With energy costs on the rise, there’s really no good reason not to choose doors with top insulation and efficiency.

Look for doors with double or triple glazing, low-E coating, and argon gas filling to minimize heat loss during winter and keep your home cool in the summer. These features not only contribute to a more comfortable living environment but also help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Additionally, consider the door’s frame material, as some materials such as fiberglass and vinyl offer better insulation properties than others. Ensuring your patio doors are energy-efficient is a smart investment that can pay off in both comfort and utility savings over time.

4. Remember Security

It’s easy to get swept away with ultra-cool patio door designs. But remember that the main purpose of a door is to give secure access. There’s no point choosing doors that won’t keep your home secure.

Look for doors with toughened or laminated glass, which is harder to break, and multi-point locking systems that secure the door at several points along the frame. Some doors also come with integrated security bars or advanced locking mechanisms that add an extra layer of protection.

In an ideal world, your patio doors need to be both functional and stylish. There are plenty of options out there, but not all will suit your space, so put some thought into anything before you buy. Try using an app or interior design software to see what particular patio doors will look like in your home.

It’s worth putting a bit more effort in and thinking about the choice of materials, finishes, and hardware. The impact on the overall look and feel of your space can be more profound than you might imagine – so make sure it’s a good kind of profound!