The range of night scopes on the market today is very wide, wider than the world you see through movies and long drives. You can buy hundreds of models from dozens of manufacturers. There are different generations and different types of night vision binoculars. To understand which scope to choose, you need to understand the range. Consider all the parameters you need. Also look at the caliber of the weapon, the chosen method of hunting, working distances.

First-generation sight

The first generation night vision scope is one of the most popular products. Its price is very affordable. The sight consists of:

  1. Convex lens. It is made of enlightened glass. The larger its diameter, the higher the aperture ratio.
  2. Eyepiece with a convex lens of great curvature. There are special eye cups for her. With them, you can place the eyepiece at the desired distance from the pupil.
  3. Electron-optical converter. The component is located between the lens and the eyepiece. The possibility of night vision depends on it.

At the moment, it is impractical to buy such devices. We recommend paying attention to the first+ generation, which has improved characteristics that will give the real feel of watching upcoming shows.

Such equipment allows you to work at a distance of 50-150 meters. It can be mounted on a 12 gauge shotgun.

Although the first generation night vision hunting scope is not the most advanced design, it remains popular with hunters. The disadvantages of such a device are optical distortion, frequent illumination, and visible infrared illumination.

Second generation scopes

The second-generation night vision sight is more expensive, but also technically more advanced. There are increased object recognition distances here. The person can be seen at a distance of 600 meters. Small details are visible from 250 to 300 meters.

The illumination of the visual field was removed from the devices of the second generation. There is no bright point here either.

Devices of this class practically do not need infrared illumination. They have fast and sensitive optics that allow you to see well in the lowest light conditions.

The sight can search for a target in a passive mode of operation. There is also the possibility of installing illuminators with a wavelength of 850 nm. It is almost invisible to the beast.

Many hunters use second-generation devices. They have high recognition values.

Third generation scopes

The third-generation night vision riflescope is an effective and popular device. It works with the latest technology and materials. The photocathode and high-aperture optics have increased sensitivity. All this gives a clear picture at a great distance. The fire can be conducted at a distance of up to 500 meters.

There is:

  1. Extended service life up to 10,000 hours.
  2. Lack of flare.
  3. A clear picture even in the lowest light conditions.
  4. Possibility of installing infrared illumination with a wavelength of more than 900 nm.

Devices of this class have disadvantages. They are expensive. There is no fiber optic washer at the input.

Digital instruments

In such equipment, photons enter the photosensitive matrix. The image is immediately displayed.

Light is reflected differently. Therefore, green silhouettes are shown in the eyepiece. The color of the image can be with a black and white image. But the price of such a sight will be higher.

We cannot tell you which night sight to choose. You must independently study the entire range, understand the differences between some classes and types of devices from others, and understand the technical characteristics.