Any person who spends most of the time outdoors understands how a power outage can add to inconvenience and even escalate a situation to become an emergency. Whether you are going out camping in the woods or working on something out in the garden having a portable generator is necessary. A portable generator will support you during such time as it will ease the difficulties and more importantly will keep you safe. A modern portable generator is designed to power sophisticated electronic devices such as computers, lab and medical equipment, smartphones, and other such devices. With a wide range of portable generators available in the market, it is difficult to choose the right one. If you have set out to look for the best portable generator on the market let us help you.

Different Kinds of Portable Generators

There are many kinds of portable generators available on the market. Let us take a look.

  • Conventional Generators

Conventional generators are standard generators that are petrol-powered. They are affordable, plus are functional. At a reasonable price, this type of generator offers ample power backup till they enjoy the vibe from your aesthetic lights.

  • Inverter Generators

These generators are more advanced than conventional generators yet are powered by fuel. Inverter generators are equipped with advanced engines plus throttle control, which adds to the capacity of the inverter, enables quieter operation plus, and comes with useful power setting features.  Check out for local generator service and maintenance in your area.

  • Power Stations

These types of power stations are not powered by fuel, they operate using batteries that are charged using mains power. However, highly advanced models are powered by solar panels. That makes them emission-free, noise-free and one of the most reliable and best portable generators.

Best Portable Generators

Here are some of the top picks of portable generators for you.

  1. EcoFlow Delta Series

EcoFlow Delta generator is some of the best portable generator that is available right now in the market. Powered by solar panels the capacities of the models range from 882Wh to 3.6k Wh energy. You can choose models from the series according to your requirements. Say if you are looking for a light and compact model with a capacity to power devices up to 2200W, you can buy the EcoFlow Delta mini power station. On the other hand, if you are eyeing a portable generator with a greater output then you can opt for the EcoFlow Delta Pro, which can offer 7200W output.

Besides being ergonomically designed, the models under this series are built with fast charging features, renewable charging options, AC outlets to fit gears and multiple ports. With a sturdy frame and great capacity, the solar power portable generators, therefore, can be a wise pick if you are going for caravanning or camping activities.

EcoFlow Delta mini

● Light and compact easy to carry around

● Equipped with X-Boost Technology it can power some devices up to 2200W

● With numerous wall sockets, USB, and DC outlets you can power 9 devices simultaneously

● Charging speed- 0-100% in 1.6 hours.

EcoFlow Delta

● With 3 to 5 times faster-charging facility charges 0-80% under 1 hour

● Capacity 1.2kWh

● Support up to 1800W (can be expanded to 3300W) for a total of 11 devices simultaneously

● Equipped with EcoFlow protective bag

● Support carport output

EcoFlow Delta Max

● Capacity of 2kWh, expandable up to 6kWh with extra batteries options

● Up to 3000W fast dual recharging speed, via AC and Solar

● Charge any devices microwave, fridge (even simultaneously) and other devices

● Solar charging speed of 800W

EcoFlow Delta Pro

● Capacity of 3.6kWh, expandable up to 25kWh with extra batteries options

● Powers heavy-duty appliances such as AC units, microwaves, etc.

● 6 different charging options. It can be charged from an EV station.

● With multiple recharging options, you can reach up to 6500W recharging speed

Ecoflow River Series

If you are looking for portable power generators that are solar-powered and ones that you can rely on, then the River series from EcoFlow models can perfectly fit your bill. These generators come with capacities that range from 210Wh-720Wh, plus they are expandable with extra batteries. The model features many AC outlets for powering multiple devices simultaneously. You can choose EcoFlow River mini or EcoFlow River Max or other options, one that meets your requirements and suits your choice.

EcoFlow River mini

● Multiple ports, both traditional wall sockets to USB-A plus USB-C ports

● Charge 0-80% in 60 minutes

● Charges 5 to 7 devices at the same time

● Ergonomically designed

EcoFlow River / River Max

● Charge simultaneously 9 devices

● 600W output and 288Wh capacity, expandable to 576Wh with an extra battery option

● Two options available to integrate two 110W solar panels or a single 160W solar panel and charge within 4.8 to 9.6 hours

● Charge multiple devices with X-Boost and power some appliances up to 1800W

EcoFlow River Pro

● Lightweight and portable size

● Recharge to full in 1.6 hours with the X-Stream charging technology feature

● 720Wh Capacity, option to double capacity to 1440Wh

● 600W output, supports X-Boost feature to power some larger appliances

SinKeu Portable Power Station

This solar-powered compact portable power generator that is light to carry comes with a 99 Wh power station. Equipped with fast charging and other advanced features it is considered a great generator for outdoor activities. This generator can also be charged using a carport or wall outlet. The model also offers multiple protection such as over-temperature and short circuit protection etc.

● Battery capacity: 99Wh

● Solar panel, 230V wall outlet recharge in 5.5 hours and carport recharge

● Short circuit, over-temperature, over current, overload protection

● 20% solar charging rate

● 6 output ports

AllPowers Portable Power Station

AllPowers portable generator is known for its lightweight, high-density battery, and noise-less operation. The advanced solar-powered generator comes with a 288Wh capacity and has quick recharging features. Built conveniently, this generator can be easily carried around and can power your necessary devices.

● Capacity 288Wh

● Equipped with safety protection features

● Can charge any devices

● Controlled wirelessly with AllPowers App

● Recharge using a wall socket, solar panel, USB-C port, and carport

There are many portable generators available in the market, and we have narrowed them down to some of the best portable generators. These generators come with advanced features and can power heavy-duty devices for a prolonged period of time to charge everything from ring doorbells to your laptops.