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The Basic Checklist for Buying a House

Making a move to buy a house is among the most significant steps in your lifetime. When buying a house, it is reasonable to have questions, especially considering how complex the process can be. If you conduct a simple online search on things to know about the Hamilton housing market, you will likely get dozens of results. Here is how these factors play out in the purchase process.


You need to determine how much you are willing to spend and it should be within your price range. With a specific and realistic budget, you are in a position to identify a house that suits your needs. However, in the event you are not able to finance the house, here are options to consider:


A mortgage is the conventional method of financing for a house, but it requires a down payment in most cases. However, before the mortgage is approved, the lender might look at your credit score and credit history to determine the ability to get approved.

Hard Money Loan

This type of loan is ideal for flipping a house instead of buying the property. The loan is short-term and overlooks factors like credit score and history. The property you intend to purchase usually acts as a security.

Finding a Real Estate Agent

The ideal real estate agent will quickly locate a possible house as soon as it gets listed. Depending on your needs, the agent will provide more insight into finding the perfect home. With numerous agents in the market, ask for referrals and read online reviews before narrowing down your options.

Real Estate Lawyer

Having a lawyer is critical to help sort out any complex issues with the transactions, regardless of the law. Overall, most real estate lawyers are equipped with legal knowledge to answer any questions before moving to close the deal. Note that hiring a lawyer might add to the costs of purchasing the house, but it’s worthwhile. Choose a competent lawyer who is affordable with the necessary experience in the field.

Neighborhood Checklist

When in a position to determine how much you can spend, you need to scout for a house in neighborhoods that meet your needs. Look at the available amenities like schools, and shopping malls, among others. Take into consideration the safety of the surroundings.

Home Inspection

An inspector comprehensively examines the property and writes a report detailing the condition. If there are issues with the house, ask the seller to make the necessary fixes before closing the deal. In some situations, you can ask the seller to lower the price before proceeding. It is always a good sign if the seller declares any issues at the start, since it’s a sign of good intention. Consider doing further research if the seller concealed any information on any defects with the house.


Before purchasing a home, ensure that you know your financing plan, the agent you plan to use, and a lawyer where necessary. Most importantly, the home should be located in your desired neighborhood that meets your needs.

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