10 Key Things to Look For From Your New Air Conditioning Unit

Have you been looking to invest in a new air conditioning unit? In many cases, finding the ideal AC can seem tricky, especially when there are so many different things to think about. Luckily, though, our experts have outlined some of the main things you need to know to help inform your decision. After all, your new air conditioning unit has a lot of heavy lifting, especially when the weather turns hot, and starting with the right solution is vital.

10 Key Things to Look For From Your Air Conditioning Unit

If you have been planning to invest in a new air conditioning unit, considering the following key things could help inform your decision. So, don’t chance it; make sure you’ve looked for these key things too.

1 Size

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for an air conditioning unit is the size. Indeed, only some air conditioning units are created equally, and many come in highly variable sizes; for example, some may only be suited to a small room, while others could be enough to ventilate a large open-plan space.

In line with this, carefully consider the required size as part of your decision. Notably, an undersized unit won’t cool your space effectively, while an oversized one may short-cycle, leading to inefficiencies and uneven cooling. Failing that, excessively large units can also be wasteful with energy, costing more to run than may be necessary.

2 Energy Efficiency

Once you’ve found the right size of air conditioning unit, you can begin looking at your chosen system’s efficiency. Indeed, ACs can consume a huge amount of energy, and this can, in turn, result in your own energy bills going through the roof if you invest in a unit that’s more than you actually need. So, considering how much energy the unit is likely to consume can help you determine whether it will be the right choice for your property.

3 System

Did you know that not every air conditioning system is created equal? Indeed, there are actually several different types of air conditioning units, including central air conditioners, window systems, and even portable units (among others). As such, considering the different systems and how these might apply to your needs is highly important.

4 Noise Output

Some air conditioning units are noisier than others, and this is well worth keeping in mind when making this all-important decision. Of course, if the unit is somewhere that’s unlikely to cause disruption, this may be less important; however, in most cases, ACs will be inside homes and workspaces. In line with this, be sure to consider the level of noise emitted by your chosen system and whether or not this will be appropriate.

5 Features

Modern air conditioning units are packed with features, and this could help inform your overall decision. So, when choosing an AC, make sure you’ve looked at the different features it offers and how these might apply to your needs. For example, some air conditioning units will offer advanced filters and air quality enhancements, while other may have programmable thermostats, app integrations, and so on. Be sure to keep this in mind to find the system that’s best suited to your needs.

6 Reviews

When choosing a new air conditioning unit for your property, one factor that can be useful to keep in mind is the past reviews of the product. Indeed, past reviews can give a much clearer insight into the reliability and performance of an air conditioning unit. After all, the manufacturers can make any claims they’d like, but ratings from past customers are far more likely to be reliable.

With that being said, though, try to keep in mind that not all reviews will necessarily be genuine. Indeed, some unscrupulous brands will pay for fake reviews to boost their standing and online presence. In line with this, looking out for some of the main signs of fake reviews (such as a flawless reputation or similar-sounding reviews) can help you avoid the problems and choose a genuinely reliable unit.

7 Zoning

Another important factor to look out for if you have been looking to find the right AC unit is zoning. Indeed, if you have several rooms to air condition at once, being able to set zoning for the AC can help regulate airflow and provide more reliable cooling.

8 Environmental Impact

More and more of us are looking to cut our environmental impact. As such, choosing a more eco-friendly AC unit is highly important to reduce your footprint, especially if your previous air conditioning was harmful or damaging to the environment already.

9 Warranty

Another point to keep in mind here is warranty. Indeed, in many cases, warranties can have a significant impact on your choice of the right air conditioning system. Indeed, a system that only comes with a short warranty is likely less reliable; if something goes awry, you’ll want to ensure you’re covered for as long as possible.

Fortunately, if you choose a system with a longer warranty, you’ll be able to enjoy better coverage and for longer, giving you greater confidence in the system. And why chance it; if you have concerns, make sure to call out your local Newark AC repair team for help.

10 Price

As a final point of note, it’s well worth looking at how price might influence your choice of AC. Indeed, while this shouldn’t be something you base your entire decision on, it can certainly help with your choice, especially as a deciding factor. So, if you’ve found an air conditioning unit that ticks all of the boxes, be sure to just check the price is right as a final option too.

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking to invest in a brand-new air conditioning system, there’s a lot to keep in mind as part of this decision. Luckily, when you partner with a professional air conditioning team, they should be able to help you work out the right unit for your needs. So, make sure you’ve considered the different options to help you find the ideal approach overall.