Aviator is a unique development of the Spribe studio, which appeared in 2019 and since then has not left the top of the gaming charts. This unusual slot attracts with simple rules, dynamic and exciting gameplay, and high profitability. Like any other gambling entertainment, the Aviator slot should bring not only positive emotions but also monetary profit. Beginners who start this crash game for the first time should know that winning here depends not so much on luck as on intuition and the right strategy.

Successful Single Bet Strategies

The slot has no lines, reels, or symbols. The gambler just needs to watch the flight of the airplane and have time to stop it before an accident occurs. As the plane rises, the multiplier increases, by which the bet will be multiplied when calculating the winnings, and it is up to the player to decide at what value to stop the round.

Before starting the round, the user is offered to make one or two bets. The single-bet game is the best solution for those who play Aviator for the first time on https://pinup-games.in/aviator.php. This will allow you to concentrate on the process of earning and not distribute attention to two rates. There are three main strategies for playing Aviator with one bet:

  • The least risky scheme. This tactic cannot bring big wins in a short time. But there will also be no big losses here, which will allow you not to spend the entire bankroll immediately. The essence of the strategy is to stop the rounds at small multipliers. The user can set the automatic payout function when the coefficient reaches 1.2-1.21. This tactic will allow you to minimize the number of lost rounds and gradually increase the balance.
  • Moderate risk scheme. It can be used only in those cases when there is enough money on the deposit. According to this scheme, they play on multipliers from 2 to 3. But if there has not been a high multiplier for a long time, you can take a chance and wait for a bigger win.
  • High-risk strategy. This tactic is suitable for gamblers who like to take risks and believe in their luck. Its essence is to catch a multiplier of at least 100. According to statistics, this coefficient falls out once every hour or an hour and a half. You should wait an hour after his last appearance and start placing bets.

It is important to understand that none of the schemes guarantees that you will receive a win. Everyone can think over their successful strategy and test it in the demo version.

Successful game scheme with two bets

This format of gameplay differs little from the format with one amount at stake, but it is better to switch to a game with two stakes when you already have enough gaming experience. The gambler will need a lot of concentration. In this case, the strategy with moderate risk is considered optimal. Experienced users recommend using the automatic game and automatic withdrawal options for the first amount at a multiplier of no higher than 1.2. For the second amount, a moderate risk tactic with a multiplier of no higher than 3 is used. It is also recommended to risk one amount and stop the game on the first bet at a coefficient of no higher than 40, and on the second try to wait for 100. If used correctly, this strategy will help you not to lose all the money from the deposit and get big wins fast.

In the crash game, each round is dynamic and exciting, and even if it does not bring payouts, you will surely get adrenaline and positive emotions. It is important to learn to perceive gambling as entertainment, and not as a way to earn money. Then losing will not bring disappointment.