Most of you have faced the situation when you are at home working away from your PC or watching content on your smartphone and catching the drift of something musty. You can’t always put your finger on musty smells. But they can make their presence felt. Something in your home is creating that awful smell.

What Causes The Musty Smell and Are They Dangerous

It can be challenging to figure out what is causing the musty smell. Does your house need more air, or is it damp laundry? No matter the cause, you can find the right solution by hiring expert companies such as Mold Removal Ottawa. You may also be wondering if the musty smells are dangerous. But, first, you should know that mold or mildew primarily creates a musty smell.

For the most part, you just need to do a deep clean, dry the laundry a little longer, or open some windows to contain the problem. However, you should not ignore the problem, as these allergens can irritate, such as fatigue, headache, congestion, itchy eyes, and coughing.

Black mold is downright dangerous, but it is less common than other types of mold. Be sure to call in the experts for a deep clean if you suspect you have black mold. If you leave mildew or mold untreated for more extended periods, it might wreak havoc on the structure of your home.

Tips To Detect The Source of The Musty Smells

The only way to rid your home of a musty smell is to detect and eliminate the cause. Usually, there are a few common causes responsible for any musty odor in your home, and the best part is that there are a few solid tips available for tackling these issues. As mildew and mold thrive most in areas without adequate ventilation, you are better off keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Check for any leaks or water buildup under your sink, as they may be causing mildew or mold growth. Use vinegar and mild bleach solutions to scrub these areas.
  • Check if there is any mold in your showers. If there are any mold present, use vinegar and mild bleach to scrub them off.
  • Scrub the dishwasher filter clean and clean out your garbage disposal while you are at it.
  • Check if you have any sweaty gym clothes or damp laundry lying around in a corner somewhere. This is a surefire cause of mold inside the home.
  • Look out for any water damage signs. There might be a plumbing issue if you discover rippled or buckled flooring or wet spots. It is best to call in an expert who can easily diagnose and fix the problem.
  • Do you have pets at home? The dander, fur, and other pet tendencies might be responsible for leaving a musty smell in your home. You can call professional cleaning services, which can access tough-to-reach places where hair is hidden, and they also use special fivers to lock in and trap pet hair and dust.
  • You must be washing your bed sheets regularly. But you must remember that your pet also spends a lot of time in their bed. So keep inspecting the bed as it too can be the source of mold.

Tips To Eliminate Musty Smells IN Your Home

Now that you know the source of the problem and have successfully eliminated the mold and mildew from your home, it is time to address the lingering musty smell. Generally, when fighting to get rid of musty smells, steps such as increasing the natural light, decreasing humidity, and increasing ventilation are the most effective. We have gathered a few tips for you to make your home odor-free.

  • Open all your windows and doors to let the fresh air and sunshine in so that your home is properly aired out.
  • You might consider getting a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier discourages bacteria and germs from breeding by drying out your home.
  • Vacuum, mop, and sweep your home repeatedly. You might be very busy, but you must vacuum everything, not just the carpets. Also, change your vacuum filters regularly.
  • You need to get your carpets steam cleaned. If the vacuuming isn’t cutting, you can hire professional carpet cleaners to complete it thoroughly.
  • You need to get upholstered furniture deep cleaned. Take all removable covers to the laundry and wash them with baking soda. Use a soft-bristled brush to dust dander and hair. You can mix water and vinegar to wipe leather furniture clean.
  • If a particular fabric is hard to wash, you can eliminate any foul odor by lightly misting it with your favorite scent.
  • The garbage disposal needs to be cleaned, the walls must be washed, and the dishwasher filter needs to be scrubbed. If something smells off, sniff it out and clean it accordingly.
  • You can consider changing the air filters to maximize the circulation and airflow of your home’s cooling and heating system. This is important as any air stagnant for too long can get stinky.
  • An air purifier kills the fungi and bacteria in the air, thus reducing the odor. So you can consider investing in an air purifier for your home.

Summing Up

We all want to live in a home that smells fresh and provides clean air to breathe in. A musty odor can ruin the experience, not to mention the health hazard of damp air in your home. We hope that the steps we mentioned above will help you identify and eliminate your home’s musty odor. So get right down to it without wasting any more time to have a fresh and pleasant-smelling home.