In a small kitchen, storage space is hard to come by and is worth its weight in gold. However, if it seems like your kitchen is lacking in that department, not all is lost.

Following these tips, you’ll be able to optimize space in the tiniest kitchen and uncover every nook and cranny that has storage potential.

Let’s jump in!

Start with a purge

Every room makeover starts with the same exact step – the purge.

To optimize space in a small kitchen you need to start with a blank canvas, so to speak. Examine the contents of each cabinet, drawer, and shelf. Toss any expired items, dirty or broken things that are beyond saving, and items that you don’t see yourself using ever again. Order all that you are going to need using online grocery referrals to get more while you spend less.

If you’re not comfortable with throwing away the latter, see if you can donate them. We often get swept away by the latest trendy kitchen gadgets that, in the end, get stashed away into the cupboard never to be seen again. To optimize your kitchen storage space, they need to go. Permanently.

Also, take advantage of this overhaul to deep clean each cabinet and drawer.

Maximize the space and visibility in the cabinets

Small kitchens. Large kitchens. No matter the size, each home cook finds themselves looking for extra storage space.

There is a well-known concept when it comes to planning out small-space interior design – always go vertical. This can be applied to any small kitchen as well.

This will not only make use of every inch of space available to you but will also right another wrong – poor kitchen cabinet visibility. By going vertical and organizing your possessions from tallest at the back and shortest at the front you’ll be able to:

  • keep track of what you have,
  • avoid buying duplicates and
  • prevent items from expiring before you use them.

There are plenty of ingenious organizers to help you do so.

Think outside of the box (and cabinets)

We might think that our space-maximizing escapade ends with organizing cabinets and drawers but that’s not true. Creating extra counter space in a small kitchen also deserves our attention.

Kitchen counters are often too cluttered to allow you to comfortably cook. Also, when they are overloaded with spice racks, knife blocks, and appliances, it is harder to make your small kitchen look neat.

Give your kitchen counters a bit of a makeover these few tips for maximizing counter space:

  • transfer your utensils from the counter to a drawer organizer,
  • swap your knife block for a magnetic knife rack,
  • get a cutting board wider than your kitchen sink to be able to prep on top of it,
  • transfer the appliances that usually sit on the counter to a rolling cart.

Focus on the walls

Walls in a small kitchen are the untapped storage space goldmine.

Mounting storage racks and open shelving onto bare walls can significantly increase the amount of storage available to you. It can also help you free up the counter space and create more room in the cabinets.

Fortunately, the organizers that you can mount on walls address a wide variety of small kitchen shortcomings. From hooks for efficient mug storage to full-blown mini-pantries, you can make them work for you and your immediate needs.

Still, here are a few ideas for maximizing space using wall storage:

  • use wall-mounted hooks for storing utensils and/or mugs
  • line the side of your fridge with magnetic shelves and racks
  • use a pegboard lined with shelves as a spice rack
  • install proper shelves for storing appliances, pantry items, and produce.

Look to the ceiling & doors

One of the most omitted places that can serve to expand your kitchen storage is the ceiling.

Mounting a hanging rack to the ceiling is a great way to store pots and pans. Especially since they are usually take up tons of space in the cabinets. True, this solution might not suit everyone but if you have the room for it, consider it. It can be life-changing.

Another way to maximize space in the kitchen is to take advantage of doors. Cabinet doors and regular ones can expand your storage with a few dedicated organizers. These are usually mounted on the inner side of the cabinet to hold cutting boards, baking sheets, spare plastic bags, or condiments and spices.


Every kitchen has the potential for more storage space.

The most important thing is to, first, toss every expired, broken, or unusable item you have. This will allow you to assess what you’re working with and help you choose the right course of action in optimizing the kitchen space.

Every cabinet, drawer, shelf, door, and kitchen counter can be transformed to suit your storage needs. But don’t forget to focus on making every spice, condiment, and snack visible and easy to identify. Otherwise, you’re running the risk of creating clutter, buying duplicates or simply forgetting you even have them until they expire.
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