Are you looking to add an additional heat source to your house because you’ve recently remodelled or added an extension to your home? Make sure to investigate electric heating as an option as it might very well be the most economical option for you.

If you are not quite sure whether to get a traditional radiator or an electric one, make sure to read this on for all the benefits that electric heating brings and it doesn’t include ring doorbells or sprinklers from the garden.

Efficient Method of Heating

Unlike heating through a boiler, no heat is lost in the pipes if they are badly insulated. There is a 100% heat output at the source, which is a very efficient way of heating a room unless you believe more in thermostats.

Moreover, where conventional heating is controlled collectively, electric heating can be managed on a room-by-room basis. This means you have full control over the temperature in each room. No need for the guest room to be heated at the moment? Just turn it off!

Style & Designs

Did you know that you can take your pick in the various styles and designs when it comes to electric radiators? You really do not have to compromise on style and make sure to shop around.

A good starting point could be a company like Trade Radiators. With a wide selection of models and brands, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your style and needs. You can also find some really handy guides on the website.

During a Remodel

If you are remodelling or building an extension, this means adding one or more extra radiators to the existing circuit. In some cases, this will be straightforward enough. On others, it might be a real hassle, where electric radiators come in handy.

Rather than connecting it to the existing circuit, all you have to do is connect it to an electrical output. It can be a real budget-saver for some extension or remodel projects.

Suppose you are redoing a bathroom or adding an ensuite. In that case, electric radiators offer you the opportunity to jazz up the room with heated towel rails. You can select a towel rail straight off the bat or select a more traditional radiator design and add robe hooks or towel rails to transform a radiator into one suited for a bathroom.

Installation & Safety

Installing an electric heat source is relatively cheap to install as you do not need to consider how to add it to an existing circuit. There is no need for valves, ducts, pipes, and everything else needed to install, connect, and secure a traditional radiator to be safe.

What’s more, because they are installed through an electric outlet, electric heating is generally considered to be safer. There is no chance of carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions should there be something awry with the gas source.