What percentage of people buy Genie?

Do you want to deliver a package to your relative who lives in another part of the city or want someone to deliver groceries to your doorstep? If yes, Swiggy Genie can be your ideal choice! Swiggy has introduced Genie to help end users make instant deliveries from one part of the city to another.

With the help of Swiggy Genie, you can send and receive anything ranging from stationery, laundry, lunch boxes, medicine, and groceries from one location to another in your city. If you run a business, then you can use Genie to make business deliveries to your clients.

This means you can rely on your favorite food delivery app rather than contacting delivery service providers to make bulk deliveries to your clients. But you might be thinking, do people really need such services, and how many people are actually using Genie?

Let’s find out if the users are using the genie to make instant deliveries. 

How Many People Are Using Genie for Instant Deliveries

Let’s try to find out if people are really using Genie for instant deliveries and how many people have used this service to pick up and drop off essentials from one part of the city to another. 

Why are People Buying Genie?

Why are People Buying Genie?

Genie has become a bliss for people who want the essentials to be dropped off and picked up without stepping out of their homes. It is like a wish-granting savior who can fulfill all your needs related to instant deliveries.

Whether you want to send a gift to your girlfriend or want to send medicines to your grandparents who live in the opposite part of the city, Swiggy Genie will take care of all your needs. People are even using genie to buy stuff from pharmacies, supermarkets, makeup stores, and restaurants, making daily errands easier. Even business owners are using this service for making business deliveries.

You can make a custom list of the items you want, and Swiggy delivery partners will purchase and deliver it to you. For the first two kilometers, Swiggy Genie charges Rs 40, and then the charge increases per kilometer. 

What Percentage of People Buy Genie?

What Percentage of People Buy Genie?

Genie became an instant success as soon as it was launched, and the major reason behind it was that it catered to the urgent needs of its customers, made their daily errands easier, and gave them a chance to show some love to their near and dear ones. While we can’t tell you about the exact percentage of people who are buying genie, the demand for this service is very high.

In Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, the demand for genie became so high that Swiggy had to shut down this service for some time. It did not have enough delivery personnel to cater to the growing demands of its customers, and hence, it halted the operation of the genie for some time. Also, as the coronavirus pandemic slowed down, people started ordering food as usual.

So Swiggy’s delivery person fleet was needed in a large amount across grocery delivery, food delivery, and Genie. Because of this, Swiggy decided to focus on its food delivery model and halted the other operations for some time.

When it increased the delivery fleet, the genie again started operating in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

How Can You Use Swiggy Genie?

How Can You Use Swiggy Genie?

It is very easy to use the Swiggy genie. To use Genie, you need to ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the Swiggy application. Once you have downloaded the app, open it and scroll down to the “Pickup or Drop anything” container.

In the app, click on the “Create task” button. Now, you will have to fill in important details like drop location, pickup location, and task details. Ensure that you fill in all the details correctly so that the package can be delivered to the correct address.

For task details, you can even click a picture. For example, if you have created the task of delivering medicine to your relative, you can click the picture of the medicine. Now click on the “place order” button, and the delivery agent of Swiggy will do the needful. Don’t use genie to place an order for illegal items or alcohol, as the delivery for these items won’t be made.  


Swiggy Genie has become a savior for people who want the luxuries and necessities of life delivered to their doorstep instantly at the press of a button. Its demand is also rising day by day as it gives a convenient option to people to get things picked up and dropped to their desired destinations without the need to step out of their homes.

You can check out the above-mentioned details to know how Genie has become a lifeline for people who want to get things delivered on the go. From medicines to groceries and stationery items to important files, you can get anything picked up and dropped instantly with the help of a genie.

So check out Genie now to make your life easier and get anything delivered with the press of a button. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Get Delivered with The Help of Swiggy Genie?

You can receive and deliver anything ranging from medicines to food items, groceries, laundry, makeup products, items for repair, and important documents with the help of Swiggy Genie. You should, however, ensure not to use the app for delivering and getting alcohol and illegal items. 

How Much Time Does Swiggy Genie Take to Deliver Your Order?

Swiggy Genie usually takes two hours to deliver your orders. But this can differ depending on unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, traffic jams, and road accidents.