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Backlink tracking is extremely important for promoting the site. It becomes increasingly difficult to manually track backlinks when backlinks increase and the number of promoted projects gets more. solves the issue completely.

Basic features

This service allows you to monitor all external links for projects that have been put together in one place. SEO experts can automate their work using a user-friendly interface. Linkbox Pro integrates modules that let you:

  • backlink indexing tool;
  • link index checker;
  • backlink anchor text analysis tool.
  • batch link dofollow checker;
  • backlink monitor;

Checking external links

A thorough analysis of backlinks is essential for SEO promotion and budget optimization. Regular monitoring of external links through Link Box lets you access the details about:

  • the anchors for all external links on the pages.
  • Information on the dofollow and nofollow attributes
  • the presence of links on the donor pages;
  • Links are removed immediately after they were created
  • Imports links:
  • to previously-created campaigns;
  • via the crawler module, Ahrefs, Google Console, etc.

You can see all the details regarding domains and backlinks in the table and graph. The table analyzes your backlinks using different filters.

It is possible to check the indexing of backlinks

Linkbox Pro is ideal for conducting bulk checks on external links’ presence within the Google index. The program lets you:

  • Make sure to check the indexing.
  • Create a regular tracker of their presence in the index.

The SEO specialist will be notified when the link is removed from the Google index. This alert allows the SEO specialist to take appropriate actions to make sure that the page accepting is not lost to the index of search engines. Link Box lets you manage backlink indexing across every campaign and project at once.

The dates and results of Google indexing tests are displayed in the table, and the state of the index is highlighted in bright colors:

  • Green – Index;
  • Red – is not indexed.
  • gray – no checks were carried out.

By using a special filter, you can pick websites that haven’t been indexable and submit them for indexing via Google Add URL.

dofollow checker

Indexing of Backlinks

Do not wait for the Google robots to index the URLs. You must take the initiative. With, you can send many pages that are not indexed for indexing by Google indexer at the click of a button. Googlebot will be able to browse your page once you have sent it to Linkbox Pro. It will take into consideration the content quality to determine if it will index it.

This results in accelerated indexing of backlinks, resulting in the shortest period of time.

dofollow checker


The service has several components:

Anchor texts analysis allows you to check anchors when you do backlink checkouts. You can do this by checking:

  • Indexing and existence of pages that are a part of a donor’s site using anchors in Google Console
  • Anchor text for Backlinks can be a link to Dramacool or related to the subject.
  • The attributes of anchors and links

The results are all presented in a Table of Anchors which forms the basis of the module. Below is information on each anchor.

  • attribute and backlink type.
  • Include the campaign’s name with the donor page.
  • Information about crawlers crossing
  • Indexing data (when links were added to an index and when they were taken off);
  • URLs for donor and acceptor pages;

Filters enable you to filter information based on:

  • Matches are crawler bases. Use the Exclude filter to find missing anchors in crawlers. Select the crawler that you wish to use.
  • Campaign name
  • the status of indexing.
  • attributes (dofollow, nofollow, ugc, sponsored, etc. );
  • The type of backlink used;

Donor information can include:

  • Export to Excel format to further analyze;
  • sent for indexing.

This allows you to index a certain group of links that lead to a particular page or anchor list. In the graph, you’ll be able to see how natural and consistent the profile of the link is.

dofollow checker

The analysis of crawlers

This module lets you upload backlinks from different services (Google Console. Ahrefs. SEMRush. Majestic) to It is possible to upload separate files from Console and Ahrefs. The remainder of the data will be uploaded to temporarily.

The module offers an option for searching using:

  • backlink status (new active, new, or historical).
  • Matching between the search term and the URL of the linked URL (e.g. the URL of all YouTube backlinks or a home decor link)
  • links from any link campaigns crossed with crawlers;
  • Various crawlers

In the middle of the module is a link table with information on:

  • crawlers through which the link is located;
  • import date.
  • campaigns that they cross;

Link Box is a crawler-based module that lets you check which of your links Google recognizes (by crossing over with GSC) as well as which of your competitors are (by cross-over with Ahrefs).

dofollow checker

Task planner allows you to automate the management of backlinks. You can accomplish this through the task planner section.

At first, you have the option to select between tier1 levels and Tier2 levels. The tab lists all campaigns that are broken down by project. The auto-checking of links is to the left, and the auto-check for indexing is on the right.

If you select the time of start beforehand, you are able to quickly start any checkout. Check your backlinks at least every week.

After the module has been installed, the program will run the checks according to the time intervals set and send you an email notification about any problems.

Report module in Linkbox

After links are scanned and after they are indexed, Linkbox forms reports. The first report provides full information about all parameters. Only the data that has changed in between two checkouts are included in the follow-up reports.

Filtering reports is possible with:

  • establish goals of checking (links or the status of indexes).
  • Link Level 1 or 2
  • URL of the donor page;
  • Campaign of link
  • Project

The tags for changes are the most basic block. They indicate the value of the pages that the modifications should be made to. They are classified according to significance and are highlighted in color:

  • green, minor changes which provide valuable information.
  • orange – These aren’t crucial errors and also need your pay attention
  • Red – These are major changes that need special attention and should be dealt with promptly.

Click on the tags to highlight the pages that the tag applies to. Links will appear in a table with columns:

  • The left column lists the donor URL, the link campaign, as well as the project;
  • The one on the right contains the updates that were made on the pages with links.

Linkbox monitors the external links as well as indexing. It tracks all changes.

The software assists in collecting all the links of donors into a single database and track the donors. is a sophisticated instrument for managing backlinks. It is in the hands of a skilled specialist, will significantly speed up the promotion of your website to top positions and reduce the cost of link building.