Moving can be difficult, and that goes double when you’re moving cities. Somehow the sheer act of moving further than a town over complicates every aspect of it.

But moving to Liverpool can be quite the experience. Those who have done it have often reported back with glowing reviews. There is a lot of colour and culture to this city that showcases a love of modern British music and art, even beyond the Beatle Mania that is seen in statues and even gargoyles in the city.

It’s more affordable, it’s more friendly, it’s got lots of job opportunities: what’s not to love plus you can also enjoy the shows on kickass torrent?

If you’re thinking of a change, you can’t go wrong with Liverpool, but you might need some help getting there. Read on four our guide to moving to Liverpool in 2022.

Learn to say “Hi, love”

It has been officially backed by surveys and studies, that Liverpool is officially the second friendliest city in the UK. According to the CN Traveller and their reader poll, Liverpool is the friendliest city in the UK, behind Belfast. But then, London came 9th so that’s questionable.

But once you come to the city, you’ll see that some stereotypes exist for a reason, and you might have to adjust your attitude to match the energy of some of the people you meet. Whether it’s a till operator or a colleague, everyone is friendly, and not so suspicious of friendly behaviour either. Not everyone is trying to mug you when they wave.

Embrace the better cost of living

Of course, this will change depending on where you’re coming from, but for the most part Liverpool is one of the more affordable places to live in the UK. It shares 13th place with Belfast and Lancaster, just beating Newcastle and severely beating London and Cardiff.

If you’re coming from just about any Scottish city, or Londonderry, you’ll take a hit financially, but if you’re coming from down south, you will be able to buy a pint and not worry about your retirement fund emptying.

According to a study released in August 2021, the cost of houses averages out to £215,741 in Liverpool, and the average salary is £34,911 a year. For comparison, Cardiff’s average house price is £276,851 and its annual average salary is £31,946.

That should make things a little easier.

Store your stuff

We all know how slow the idea of moving can be. You’re dying to just get your bed in and start living in your new home, but life is rarely that simple.

If you’ve found yourself in Liverpool with a lot of bulky stuff that can’t yet go into a house, you can store it in a Safestore unit. They come in 10 square feet all the way up to 500 square feet and beyond, and can hold on to your valuables and furniture until you’re ready to move in.

Line up your job

Do you have a job lined up already, hence why you’re moving? Or are you just swayed by the deep culture of the city, friendly people, and better cost of living and decided you’ll figure out the job when you get there?

We don’t blame you, but then it might be helpful to know what the big industries in Liverpool are today.

Liverpool is considered the place to be for entrepreneurs and business owners. Industries like tourism and leisure are booming in the city, which is no surprise when you spot either John, Paul, George or Ringo on every street corner, but there are also places available in administration, education, health, banking, finance and insurance.