In most cases, once you get your trampoline set up in your back yard that is the last you need to think about it. But sometimes, you might want to go somewhere and take the trampoline with you, whether that is a vacation, a house move, or simply taking the trampoline for repairs. Working out how to move a trampoline can be a nuisance, but if you prepare and think enough about it, then it can be an entirely achievable thing. We are here to help you with some basic facts, and if you are in need of more information, just visit a dedicated site such as Trampoline Flight for more details.

Trampoline Boxes

Trampolines ship in a selection of separate boxes, which can make transporting them much easier. When you buy a trampoline, it will usually come packed into between 2 and 5 boxes, with larger trampolines generally packed into more boxes. If you keep those boxes, the process of packing up a trampoline for travel can be straightforward. However, keeping large and bulky cardboard boxes can be inconvenient and frequently just is not worth the trouble.

The good news is that each component of a trampoline is pretty sturdy, so if you can deconstruct a trampoline and wrap it up in bubble wrap and boxes, then it should be easy to transport.

Fitting a Trampoline into a Car

Smaller trampolines are easy to transport in a car once they are packed into boxes. You might have to fold the rear seats of the car down, but an 8ft to 10ft trampoline can usually be packed into even a small car once they are boxed up just like your big order from a big basket looks small once packed.

Larger trampolines can be a problem, even after packing them into boxes. Anything of 12ft or larger size will need to be handled more carefully, but smaller models can be easy to transport in cars.

How to Transport a Large Trampoline

So, what if you have a larger model of trampoline? Well, it should still pack down into similarly sized boxes. The problem is that it will take up more boxes, and a stack of 5 trampoline boxes can be difficult to fit into a car. There are three basic options available here, all of which are a bit inconvenient.

Firstly, you can simply unpack the components and transport them loose. They should fit into most cars unpacked, but there is more risk of chipping or damage that way. Alternatively, you can use a larger car if there is one available. If you can access an SUV, a van, or a station wagon, then you should be able to transport a large trampoline. The final option is simply to split the trampoline over multiple trips. This is obviously inconvenient, particularly if you are traveling a long way, but it works if there is no easy alternative.


Transporting a trampoline does not have to be a nightmare. As long as you take it apart fully and pack it up carefully, you can even watch Dramacool on it. It is entirely possible to transport even a large model of trampoline if you have to!