How Serious is Moving to Boston for You?

It may be stressful to move, and it can be much more stressful to choose a moving company. Here are some helpful hints for finding and working with a reliable Boston to New York moving company to facilitate a stress-free cross-country move.

Inquire About References

Is there anybody you know who has just relocated who can recommend a good moving company? I need to find a real estate agent that is familiar with local moving businesses. Anybody you know who has just moved can probably give you a referral for a good moving company. If you have a positive report about the movers from your friends, you may go ahead and call them up to learn more about their services.

Primary Evaluation

Start researching moving firms if you have been given a list of referrals. Conducting a quick internet background check is the first order of business. The Better Business Bureau is a good resource for learning about a company’s reliability. Visit the testimonials page to see what satisfied clients have to say about the organization. Whether you’re satisfied with the information provided, you can next do your own assessment of the company’s facilities to see if they are ideal for your relocation.

On-Site Quotes

Do you plan to relocate to a new city or state? A documented estimate of the moving company’s fees should be requested. Instead of guessing at the cost over the phone, it’s better if the movers come to your house. In order to get an accurate estimate, it is best to have at least four different Boston movers come to your house and look around. Find out if there are any deals or discounts that might significantly lower the price. A reputable moving company should be able to accommodate your financial constraints without lowering service standards.


The possibility exists that some of your belongings may be lost or damaged during transport. Make sure there is a means to receive a refund if it’s something you really value. Also, be sure the moving company you use has insurance. In order to determine whether or not your relocation-related insurance claims will be paid, you should get in touch with the relevant insurance company as soon as possible. That way, if something goes missing, you may easily request a replacement or a refund.

Authorization Requirements and Accreditation

Finding movers who are properly qualified and licensed to do such services is as important as finding any other contractor in the service business. Cross-country relocations need the use of a business that offers the same services as your local mover. You don’t want to be pulled over for breaking the law while driving, that’s for sure. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of a license, you may verify its status with the appropriate local licensing authority. The moving firm should also be affiliated with organizations that develop and disseminate industry standards.

If feasible, change any day except August 31st or September 1st

Obtain a parking permit.

Both the starting and ending points of your move in Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, or Somerville need that you purchase parking permits for your moving truck. Thus, one may avoid having to pay a parking penalty. Your parking spot is held for you by the permit as well.

Contact the building manager or landlord to set up a moving date.

Many landlords now demand that tenants schedule a moving time in advance of their move-in or out. The loading dock and freight elevator will have enough room for daily use by moving vehicles if this is done. A certificate of insurance from your moving firm may also be required by your building. Most moving companies provide this service, but they want at least five business days’ notice so they can coordinate with their insurance provider. Confirm the building’s relocation policies with the property management or landlord by calling them.

Confirm your move-in and move-out dates and times with your landlord, even if you’re just moving into a house or a smaller structure.

The need for overnight storage

This is a very typical dilemma. You have till midnight on the 31st to vacate, but you can’t move in until midnight on the 1st. So, in the meanwhile, what are you expected to do with all of your stuff? A moving truck rental requires two days, including finding a safe spot to leave the vehicle overnight. Many movers provide a service called “overnight hold,” whereby, for a nominal price, they will store your possessions safely in the truck overnight in their yard or warehouse before delivering them the following day.

It is not acceptable to throw trash on the sidewalk.

Help maintain the streets of Boston neat and tidy. Allston The free “gifts” that locals leave on the pavement every Christmas are the inspiration for the holiday’s moniker. Sell or donate unwanted items instead, and properly dispose of garbage on trash day ahead of your move. Boston’s garbage and recycling guide can help you sort through what goes where, and Olympia has a list of charities that would gladly take your gently used furniture.

Maintain a healthy diet and plenty of fluids, and don’t forget the snacks!

There is a high chance of heat and humidity on September 1st. Maintain your stamina by packing a cooler with refreshing beverages. The Olympia staff loves sports bars, almonds, and bananas as on-the-go munchies. When you’re hungry and packing, it’s already a difficult experience. For the same reason, lunch is something you should bring along. That way, you may stop moving as soon as your stomach begins to growl, rather than losing momentum while searching for a sub sandwich.

After reading this, you may rest easy and not feel as overwhelmed by the process of finding and choosing a moving company.